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  1. followed all your instructions and they all worked out to a T. If I hadn't stopped the chkdsk the first time I think I still would have the issues you were able to help in fixing. I didn't realize that the chkdsk at one point would be so slow but it eventually came thru. Your active X fix worked like a charm. I ran the scan twice and at the second scanning it shows the Laptop in the top 24% standing for PC's. Thank you very much for your help you were bang on!
  2. well I ran the chkdsk the next day and let it run its course. tried to run pc Matic but it go to the security section and crashed or stopped unexpectedly. Tried uninstalling PC Matic and reinstalling but crashes at the same spot. Laptop works fine but cannot run the PC Matic program all the way through without out it stopping at the malware section.
  3. into stage 5 at 81% but it seems to be frozen should I reboot ? what will happen to all what was done so far? Would I have to start over? this was a lengthily process or should I just go to sytem file checker?
  4. running chkdsk now and it has already found in stage 4 of 5 and replace bad clusters replaced Windowswinsxsx86--Microsoft-windows-naturallanguage6-31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_9db612a5d8c0f6a9elnsLexicons0019.dll and also windowswinsxsbackupw0B1A6~1.dll once the chkdsk is completed I'll run the scan for PC matic so far ...so good Thanks and I'll keep you apprised as it gets done
  5. hi just installed the PC Matic and works fine on my PC Home computer but when I ran the program on my windows 7 Laptop it froze during the scanning high level threats at 4263 Cwindows/System32NisLexicons00019.dll I uninstalled the program as it was frozen for quite a while and had to do a hard reboot to get the laptop going again. Went to the PC Pitstop site and just ran only the Exterminate program and it went a bit further to 4282 Cwindows/System32NisLexicons00019.dll with the same results freezing at this section and having to reboot again . Any suggestions?
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