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  1. No, I haven't moved the booster yet. Yes, it is a bi-directional booster. This is my router as far as I can tell (I haven't been trying to play battlefied 2 for a while and just remembered that I had a thread running here...) . http://netgear.com/Products/RoutersandGate...ters/MR814.aspx I will check the router serial number when I get back to my apartment after class later this evening. Thanks stormy! Josh EDIT: I wasn't given a cd with my router, the cable company brought it and set it up... EDIT: I just checked netgear's website...If this is the one I have I can download s
  2. Yeah, I'm not running a server I just want to connect to a server...which ports are those?
  3. How do I check to see what ports are open?
  4. before...the booster is hooked in as soon as the cable is out of the wall.
  5. I know that...That's why I have my desktop hooked up with an ethernet cable.
  6. I had a similar problem where all my icons were messed up. Try uninstalling the graphics card and using integrated graphics or a different graphics card. Mine was fixed when I upgraded my agp card to the MSI 256 mb 7600GS
  7. It does help my HDTV without it I can't get ESPN HD and I love that channel!
  8. Just out of curiosity I what to know what you guys think of Pentium D's for gaming considering their much lower prices versus the Core 2 Duo's and their higher price range. Send the forum link to your friends! I'm looking to get as much Info from the broadest spectrum of people possible. Thanks! ~Josh
  9. What if I want to go SLI? Know a good SLI board?
  10. I could probably go to $100 if its a really great mobo.
  11. I wasn't even paying attention to the fact that it was a micro atx board...any suggestions under $75? For ddr2 mem and pci-e
  12. I am looking for a motherboard under $75 that has PCI-Express(so i can upgrade to 8800GTX later) and that has core 2 duo/ pentium d/ celeron d support. It doesn't have to take my 184 pin memory I can upgrade that while I'm at it.
  13. try shutting your computer down and restarting it. Then maybe the motherboard will recognize it. Have you installed the latest driver for the card?
  14. I am thinking about upgrading my motherboard to: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813135043 Any suggestions on this motherboard? I know that I'm going to have to buy a new gfx card(pci-x), but I don't know if I will have to upgrade the ram from the ddr400 ram already in.
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