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  1. I was unable to find the file in that folder to scan. I was also unable to add it manually by typing the path in (for the VirusTotal site)
  2. AVG has not come up with another warning since the last one.
  3. The system seems to be running a bit slower. I'm noticing the slow down when using more intense applications like photoshop. This was not happening before. There is a new extension for chrome called the Bitdefender Quickscan. It revealed a file that might be harmful. Here is its log:
  4. Sorry, will post a reply shortly. Missed the topic update e-mail. Jesse
  5. I'm going to wait until the scanner catches it again. I'll try and note what I'm doing when it pops up. We'll see if it even happens again. Thanks, Jesse
  6. Sorry, both answers to your questions are no/none.
  7. That file is not visible in the folder and I typed it in manually into the "filename" box and it said file not found within that folder. She's a tricky one! lol
  8. I never had any issues, just wanted to get rid of all the crap that the scanner was catching. If something pops up again, should I post another HJTL?
  9. This popped up when the Malwarebytes scanner scanned it. Also note that when I try and move it to the vault I get a message that says I think it is one instance per tab? If one tab crashes the whole window doesn't crash if I'm not mistaken... not sure tho.
  10. AVG is not catching anything anymore. I would still like the instructions for removing McAfee AV. You've been such a help!!
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