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  1. well as far as I know, when my PC has froze. If I restart I get a error like: disk error press alt +ctrl + delete to restart I also left my PC on.. just in logoff mode and when I got back in a few hrs.. it was frozen.... I still have yet to figure out WHAT it is... I still feel it's the HD and it should be under warranty still. I just want to be able to atleast burn my files, incase they delete them or use them. But It seems like I can't or the PC freezes at some darn point.... grrrrrr
  2. this happent to me too... but it seems to have stopped now.. after I installed zonealarm... but I do have a lot of svchost proccesses running.. but from what I know.. its normal.
  3. just thought I'd add that I was able to install zonealarm... and I denied.. 3 things. Now it appears that the msconfig in the run works now! I have yet to figure out WHY the pc freezes.... the problem is still the freezing... as I scan for virus or spyware.. it freezes on me...
  4. I have no idea.. anyway I can check in windows too see what I have?
  5. the problem is.. I CAN'T install an antivirus.. and if I did.. I wouldn't be able to run it.. without the PC freezing... I have been able to get to about 25 proccesses now.. from 40.. by end tasking them... I also seem to have 7 svchost.exe running..
  6. well whats a good anti virus program to get... the problem is.. if I run something for long period of time.. like a virus scan or cd burning or.. diskchk.. it freezes the PC.. I need to have it NOT freeze.. then I can do a proper virus check... mabye I can end task some of the 40 proccesses? I'm not sure which BASIC ones are needed just for win xp operation?
  7. also another note... it seems like I can't go to RUN and type in msconfig... it then shows that error, where you can email microsoft about it.... I have used that command before and never had a problem... till now.. with this PC freezing... I still don't know what is causing it..
  8. okay well I tried safe mode and then did a Western Digital Diagnotisc FULL check.. and it froze at some point, as it does when burning a cd or running an antivirus check. I find it akwards that mabye less than 2 months ago.. I could burn cd's run disk check, do a full virus check.. without any problems at all... I also got a message during startup corrupt userinit.exe and then it said you have a corrupt font file... perb_.tff which I deleted.... I will do that memory check... and see wut happens... lets hope it doesn't freeze... I have 39 proccesses running right now, right when I turn my PC on and sign into windows. I believe most of the proccesses are sound/video driver related.
  9. thanks for the reply so far guys. I don't think it's the proccesses.. I had 52 proccesse when I got my PC brand new.. and never had a issue... I also did a WD harddrive test... the quickcheck shows it doing fine. I will check for dust.. I can't exactly open the case off.. otherwise it voids my warranty.... I'll try the safemode and see if everything is still working fine. Also my temps range from : 42-45 C cpu 34-36 C internal remote 34-36 C remote 41-42 C hd
  10. Well.. I have a fairly new PC... a few months old here are the specs. Windows XP media edition Pentium 4 3.2 GHz 1GB ram 160 GB HD running about 40 proccesses I believe the issue has to do with my HD... I did the PCpitstop testing... it worked fine untill it got to the C:/uncached.. or right when it started to check the drives.. it froze on me... My pc has latly been doing that from time to time... I'm not 100% sure it's my HD.. but as far as I think.. it seems like it is.. Again the PC is fairly new... the HD is a WD harddrive. I also can't run a scandisk... or even burn a dvd-r because at some point.. the PC just freezes... I've never had this problem before and thought norton might be the cause... till I uninstalled norton and even then it still froze here and there.... Hopefully people here can help me out. Thanks for your time guys.
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