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  1. Try running through the step-by-step instructions in the following MS KB: You receive an error message on a Windows XP-based computer: "Stop 0x00000077" or "KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR" If you are still having problems after this, please let us know. Ax
  2. Glad it worked out for you, no problem at all assisting. Great job!
  3. All those files are fine, you can try deleting the one in the prefetch folder. I don't know if it will help, but it will create a new one the next time you restart your system. We'll wait here until your HJT log is declared clean.
  4. Download the GSpot Codec Information Appliance and it should tell you which codecs you need to install.
  5. akcsmile! Please let us know what type of file you are trying to open. You can determine the file type by the characters after the "." in the file name. For example, in a file called "MyVideo.avi", the file type would be avi. Thanks, t
  6. Search your computer for "wuauclt.exe" to make sure the only file on your system is located in the above listed system folder. You'll have to allow searching of system folders as well. Regards, t
  7. You can check your Event Viewer to see if the error got captured there. To get there go to Start|Run, type eventvwr.msc and press Enter. Look for an Application or System error that occurred around the same time your computer restarted. You can post the information here and it should be all that's needed. Regards, t
  8. If you want to learn something new, you need to have patience. You keep putting the flags in brackets, despite that I previously told you flags don't work like that. Did you read through the previous thread to gain more understanding of the utility? The following are commands you should be trying: First, go to the command prompt and type cd c:\fast and hit Enter (assuming you now have everything in C:\Fast) Make sure the command prompt now displays your location as "C:\Fast" Now use the following command: FASTconv /v /i:USMT2.UNC\IMG0000A.dat /s:USMT2.UNC /d:des /t:tmp /k If t
  9. Antivir is free and it has very flexible scheduling options. It actually comes with its own scheduler! It also consistently ranks highest among free antivirus products in tests. AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic - More than Security
  10. This thread has a lot of information on the utility: can I extract single files from a backup? Here is some advice that might apply in your situation: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...mp;#entry192761 Also here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...st&p=193748 t
  11. You are following the documentation much too closely, as in to every single character. Here, try this command: FASTconv /v /i:C:\src\IMG0000A.dat /s:C:\src /d:C:\des /t:C:\tmp The folder being read-only just specifies that there are items in the folder that are read-only. That is why there is a green box, rather than a check mark. Regards, t
  12. No problem at all. Also, here you go: Microsoft Windows XP - Command-line reference A-Z The command line on any OS is very powerful, so it's always nice to have good references. Regards, t
  13. What you are dealing with is a command line tool. That's why you see it appear and then disappear, you have to run it manually from the command line: Go to Start|Run Type cmd and press Enter Type cd desktop\fastconv and press EnterNote: You should now be in "C:\Documents and Settings\---\Desktop\FASTConv" Type fastconv /? and press Enter You now see a list of switches that you can use with the program If you need any assistance, please refer to the "How to Use the FASTconv Extraction Tool" section of the http://fastconv.org/ website. Regards, t
  14. travyboy00


    Here's a post from TweakUAC dealing with some common misconceptions about the tool: Disable Annoying Vista UAC popups with TweakUAC (free!)
  15. Yeah, I guess there's always a catch. We just have to keep in mind that it's Microsoft
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