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  1. Hi again, Thanks for responses. Forgot to mention that on startup the laptop screen comes on normal for a brief moment then goes dark. Earlier on in this saga the screen stayed on for a couple of minutes at startup but as I said now it does actually show at each startup but only for a couple of seconds. Also, suddenly I can't start in safe mode. I get blue screen with this;IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL then a load of info followed by a stop code. I may have to post this as a separate post though but thought I'd mention it. Regards, Bob france
  2. Hi, Certainly is looking that way! I looked at the link you posted but don't think they will be any good to me in france. However it has given me an indication of price of replacement screen. As I don't really need my machine as a laptop now, I may just opt to buy an external monitor and use it as a PC. That way I can then get myself a larger, better monitor! I will get it checked out in our local repair shop first, maybe it's just a duff wire/cable? Regards, Bob
  3. Hi All, Hoping someone out there may have an idea about this one! I have a Fujitsu-Siemens laptop, running WXp home. Sometime ago the screen suddenly went dark, but the system seemed to be working as I could just about make out the desktop icons (I had to shine a torch onto the screen to see them). I tried everything(that I could think of), system restore, safe mode uninstalling recently added software. Once or twice the screen came back to life for no reason that I know of, but after a couple of hours it went dark again. In the end I re installed windows using the system recovery disk that came with the laptop, that made no difference. I borrowed another monitor and plugged that in and it worked. Having used this for a few days, suddenly I came back to the laptop to find the screen on the laptop working again. It worked for about 3 weeks then the other day it went dark again! As I said, I can still see everything in the background but it's as if the screen is not lit. My friend feels sure that it is the connection cables between the body and the monitor. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas greatly appreciated. Tech Xpress Link below http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=UQW8FWD0FHWSHECC Regards, Bob France
  4. Thanks 1101doc! Looks complicated but I will give it a try. Cheers, Bob france
  5. Thanks, looks good, I'll try it later. Regards, Bob france
  6. Hi, Thanks for the replies. Very sorry for not getting back sooner but my pooter went from bad to worse, I had no backlight on my laptop screen. In the end I did a re install back to factory settings with the restore disk. This at first still did not solve the monitor problem, so I hooked up an external monitor which worked. My mate said it was finished as the backlight wouldn't work, then as I was reinstalling some software (such as AVG, spybot etc), upon a restart the monitor lit up and stayed on. It has now been working OK since yesterday, bizzare! Laptop acted a bit strange after the reinstall but now seems to going fine. So once again, thanks and I appreciate your help. Regards, Bob france
  7. Hi there Hulk, Sorry, but I'm not sure what an NIC card is or where I find it. I looked in device manager but don't see it. Though I was up and running earlier when I uninstalled and then reinstalled firefox with latest version. The icons started working fine, but when I returned after dinner (about half hour), the screen had gone black again, with the system running apparently Ok but I have to shine a torch onto the LCD to see what's on the screen. Thanks for your help, if you could just point me to the NIC card, and if you have a few extra moments. tell me what it is and does? Thanks in advance. Regards, Bob (retired in not so sunny france)
  8. Hi, I have a problem connecting to the net via my shortcut icons, none of them will connect. Other desktop icons, folders & shortcuts work but not internet shortcuts. I have had this happen in the past but a restart usually solved the problem. I usually run Firefox but use IE for the Pit tests. Some of the times when I click on a shortcut and nothing happens I then look in task manager, I see firefox showing in the process window. Thinking about it now, this happened before and I clicked on terminate process and then firefox would open, but not this time! I've been having a few problems with my laptop this last week, and I had to do a restore from a full system backup which appeared to do the trick, I then had a problem where the LCD monitor remained dark and had to use a torch to see the icons on the screen! That was wierd. So, any idea's would be greatly appreciated. Below is my techexpress link from todays test. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=BS9SFWTN6PJSKPLC Regards, Bob france
  9. Great! I have bookmarked the site and will have a go at it later, thanks very much. I usually get my answers from previous posts but couldn't find this one! Great forum, been using the pit for some years but not too much on the forum. I'll be hanging out here a lot more. Regards, Bob france
  10. Hi again, Damn it! I forgot to post my TechExpress link! Here it is, http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=BS9SFWTN6PJS1PAC OS is Win XP Home, I have the same problem trying to enable clear type, in 'display/properties/effects, clear type is greyed out also. Hi les, yes I also create folders on the desktop to keep various icons in, but I would like to make them all invisible now and then. Regards, Bob france
  11. Hi, I tried your tip, but when I right click I don't get a 'show desktop icons'. Any idea why? My desktop is always cluttered and this would be great for me! Regards, Bob France
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