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    AMD 3700+ San diego Abit Ax8 Gigabite 6600 1G PQI ddr 3200 160 samsung HD pioneer 16x DL DVDRW
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  1. I feel a hell of alot older then i am, but 22
  2. I have an irrational fear of getting struck by lightning while i drive down the raod
  3. the walmart ones are cheap for a reason, they have really bad viewing angles, they dont have great aspect ratios, nor do they have good brightnesses.
  4. Holy cow, cheif justice reinquist died tonight, i think that he was trying to wait till GWB left office to retire, i think that he didnt like the prospect of having george pick his replacement. This is going to change the face of the supreme court for many many years. Anybody see a challenge for roe v. wade anytime soon
  5. I believe that it will all be in single
  6. Sweet Koenigsegg, i have a desktop of one, but i really cant post it
  7. The reviews i have read state that 1 gig should be the mininum and that 2 gigs was recommended, ouch
  8. Nice, other then you posted an agp card and a pcie board
  9. Thats a nice card, here is another option, i dont know if newegg deals with canada though. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814122212
  10. I have used both rosewill and pqi ram and have been pleased with it both times, it works it is stable adn it can sorta overclock, so i cant complain too much adn best of all it was cheep
  11. Have: '91 suzuki sidekick 155k 5spd '98 saturn SL2 53k 5spd Work vehicle: '01 gmc sierra 2500hd 138k 5spd Dream machine 2006 corvette ZO7 6spd
  12. looks really good man, nice machine
  13. here you gomotherboard this processor or this plus there are many other processor choices inbetween
  14. heres the system that i built just a month ago I allread had a case so it will make it just a bit more for you A64 3700+ sandiego 1g of PQI turbo ddr400 160g samsung 8m ide HDD Abit Ax8, prices have droped though and you can now get teh abit NF4 for the same as i payed gigabyte 6600 windows xp pro 19" aopen LCD (awesome monitor for the price BTW) logitec x-530 that came to right about $1200
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