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  1. Hello, I've had my Optimize for several years now. I thought I had a one-off lifetime license for it? Having to pay to upgrade to 2.0 is a bit of a shock & rather disappointing!
  2. Been there, done that. liutilities.com? thanks for trying.
  3. Yes, they are currently disabled in msconfig startup but somehow they are still "working"! by default somehow? somewhere? Didn't realize that RTHDCPL is a sound driver. Everything seems to be working fine even though it's disabled long term. (not a music/games buff) Thanks for trying anyway.
  4. Thanks for that. My problem is how to go about shutting them down! I defrag mostly always in safe mode for efficiency so obviously they are running in background still! I always do a disk clean up first, (although didn't know about the "more options" so will do that next time.) clean out T.I.F., emails, run T.E. & CC disable paging file & system restore, clean out docs folder, run Optimize all before using Disk MD which I like because it gives me a full report. Learning how to take action is the on-going challenge! How to shutdown the above examples would be a great start?
  5. Hi, would like to be able to analyze & action the results of my Disk MD more efficiently. I think its a great "tool". BUT, if the items in the report (items unable to be moved) are superfluous & can safely be deleted such as RTHDCPL.EXE; DOTNETFX.EXE; sysinfo\NAV.EXE & so on? Have recognized several items that could & have been deleted and have run the Disk MD again with good results. Aiming to defragment the lot if I can. and thanks.
  6. Hi Nancy, what a pity, My Acer ePower Management Utility doesn't have the "hibernate Support" function so wasn't able to change anything. Maddening isn't it! Hope you faired much better. H
  7. Many thanks Nancy from a very grateful Senior. Will go there now & advise if it helps. Heather
  8. Hello, Could you please advise if Disk MD defrags Boot Files? If not, how do I do it manually? Thanks. I wish I could find out how to disable my hiberfil.sys. in my Acer Aspire 1640z or remove it. It has more than 500 fragments! Have tried via command prompt: powercfg /h off but that doesn't compute! Start>Ctrl Panel>Display>Screensaver>Power Options>hibernation> Does not allow options below 1 minute! Would Bios Setup be the place to go? Many Thanks. Heather
  9. Sent Tech Express a copy last week of my Pit results but haven't heard anything since. Not panicing as I know lots of people need help besides myself. Not confident enough to go to Texas I. site & download a driver, there are so many to choose from & might download the wrong one! (I did click on the link provided for which I am so grateful). Would updating the driver keep it from being disabled by "the system" though? Many thanks
  10. In my Full Tests results I am advised that the above is disabled. Texas Instruments PCI-1510 Card Bus Controller (Problem code 22). I have re-enabled it, as per PC Pitstop instructions. A "this device is working properly" dialogue box appears, but on reboot it is again disabled. Why is this, & what can I do about it please! I am trying to send a Full Tests report to TechExpress on my other problem but can't activate the LINK field for that either! How to do this successfully? Many thanks.
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