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  1. Last summer at the cottage I ran 100' of ethernet cable from the upstairs router down to the lower quarters out back. I plugged into another router there, and then ran a cable from the 2nd router to my computer. No problem. DSL worked fine. Both routers are dual wired/wireless. My laptop detected them both, but since the second was nearer I used that stronger signal for wireless access. So~ One line. Two routers. Two wireless "networks." Just remember- Power up in order: Cable/DSL modem, router 1, router 2, computer.
  2. Thanks to wannabe1 from Geeks to Go for this one. This is a download of an .iso file of just the Recovery Console for XP. Burn to CD with Nero or other 'disc image' capable tool and boot. It looks just like the start of a normal XP CD, but will only offer the Recovery Console by pressing "R." All normal Recovery Console procedures can be run from this utility. Direct download: http://www.thecomputerparamedic.com/files/rc.iso --------------------------------------------------- System Restore from the Recovery Console: http://forums.cclonline.com/showthread.php?t=1183
  3. Sorry Viking, I was off in dial-up land for a while there. Try "Manage Bookmarks."
  4. Opera creates a URL desktop shortcut that Windows designates IE. Easy to change the icon throught Properties. Just 'browse' to the Opera program files folder and select the icon from the .exe.
  5. To put a URL shortcut on the desktop, just drag the favicon to the desktop and drop. Gotta be another way, but I,m out of the state on vacation and using dial-up. I'll let you know when I find out how.
  6. Export the bookmarks as HTML, work that list to copy the wanted URLs to a Wordpad list, delete all the Opera bookmarks and import the new HTML list. OR-- Save the IE bookmark (favorites)list, delete all but the wanted URLs from the active IE favorites section, delete all Opera bookmarks, import the pruned IE favorites into Opera. Restore the saved IE favorites.
  7. Bookmarks>Manage Bookmarks. Use the "View" glasses menu to change the type of window you want to work in. Drag and drop/copy and paste/ make new folder/delete, etc from right click. 'Properties' offers a way to "rename" entries and a way to change the sort order. If you need to drag to a folder that is off the screen, just hold and move to the top or bottom of the screen. The page will scroll for you.
  8. Likely is another way, just don't know it--yet. Like I say, never had cause...
  9. I do not use URL shortcuts from my desktop at all, so I had to do a little investigating. You can actually drag the URL from the address bar and drop it onto the desktop to make a shortcut. If Opera is set as the default browser, the shortcut will open Opera. Shortcuts made from IE will open IE. I know I read a fix for this, but when I do that the shortcut still has the IE logo. It would not be hard to manually change it to the big red 'O', but I will keep looking for a 'default' universal change.
  10. Opera does not use Active X. Right under "Bookmarks" is "Manage Bookmarks" that will give you drag and drop, copy and paste, make new folders, etc. Can't really help with the default names that IE gave the bookmark folders.
  11. If you add the MVP Hosts file to your system, the ads are 99% blocked, as well as known 'bad' sites: http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm This takes care of "Restricted Zones." That's just another way of making a 'Hosts' file. if you use the built-in 'phishing' filter, you will get a warning about masquerading sites. For cookies, I set my preference(Tools>Preferences>Advanced) to "accept all cookies," and "Delete all cookies on exit." Then for cookies I want to keep (like here) I open Tools>Quick Preferences>Edit site preferences>cookies, and take the check mark
  12. Opera just doesn't need 3rd party add-ons. Already very secure. Now that you're onboard, you may find some goodies here: http://my.opera.com/operafan2006/links/
  13. I believe that what you are experiencing is a not uncommon Windows Installer bug which causes Installer to 'think' that an in- or unin-stall is not complete. Usually a specific program is referenced--often 'Office.' If the referenced program is currently installed and functioning properly, choices are: 1. Insert the CD when asked and allow Installer to "finish." 2. Uninstall and reinstall the program if no CD is available. If the referenced program has been uninstalled, use the "Installer Cleanup Utility." http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301 After its installation, when r
  14. I have posted much of what I have learned about controlling my processes and Services on Vox: http://doc1101.vox.com/ Included are web addresses of useful tools and informational sites. The "links" are not "live." Copy and paste the URLs to your browser address bar to view the referenced pages.
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