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  1. Yeah I know. But is that power supply efficient, reliable etc. Do you have one?
  2. Is that one worth it? better then the OCZ? I will get that one if you all reconmend it, I do want at least over a 500W so the system is stable.
  3. Also im guessing that the PSU I have now which is 350W is kind of scraping along. My computer restarts randomly quite a lot for no reason. So it can only be the graphics card.
  4. Okay, well I was told OCZ are the best Power Supplies, so im wondering is: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/powe...am_power_supply 520W OCZ power supply, its at a good price at the moment. Ya £80 + delivery of £8 = £88. OCZ = £52 + £8 = £50. Really I do have a budget to work with. Won't the OCZ be good with it? Also what about: OCZ GameXStream 600w Silent SLI yes it is roughly the same price as the Antec, but it has more Wattage, and SLI built. Really im going by what you said ^ when you say that the more wattage is better as it makes the electricity bill less, I was a
  5. I can get on steampowered.com fine and my Steam does update the platform fine. But I just can't log into my account. My account does work, verified by tech support and me playing with it on a friends computer. Now I turned off my firewall off, went to the steampowered website then tried connecting to Steam, no luck, same error.
  6. Yeah I fixed all the errors and used the other tools to fix other things, also I defragged the registry. Nope though, no luck, still displays the same stupid error. It sucks that im forced to use a program to play the games that I have the disc, cd key and case for.
  7. Alright thanks, I'll run a scan with this. Thats one thing I haven't tried yet. EDIT: You know whats not funny? trial only fixes 10 errors at a time, when I did a scan of everything and it came up with 932 errors lol.
  8. ^Windows XP Home. I have all the updates, check like everyday and get updates from Windows, all drivers are updated as well.
  9. Oblivion here, only RPG I have on PC, but I wouldn't play WOW, not my type of game. FPS Junkie here.
  10. ^Seems kind of expensive, its just when I add the graphics card on and the power supply in comes the cost. Im trying to keep it at 500W or under, and im looking for the most efficient and the one which will keep the electricity bills the same as they are now, the same as they are with the 350W I currently I have, but thats why im looking for a power supply that can do that, the lower the better, the more efficient the better. I only have 1 harddrive, might have 2 at the most, 1GB RAM, may have 2GB at the most, and probly won't use SLI for a while. So im trying to give the full pictur
  11. Here are my current specs. http://www.uktsupport.co.uk/advent/pc/t11.htm Just read that, same as my computer except I have 1GB RAM (4 x 256MB), theres also a TV card in my comp. My motherboard is PCI-E. I was just thinking of getting that 7900 GTO 512MB. Why? its very cheap right now, overclockers.co.uk have lowered it significantly and not for long. And yeah I do play games so I thought it would be a good idea I did that PS calculator but got a lil lost on some of the fields like cold cathodes. If someone could look at my specs and just add on a 7900 GTX 512MB and see what they co
  12. Yah so my power supply is acting up (oppinion of a few people) and it no doubt needs replaced soon since it restarts my computer for no reason randomly. So I was looking at getting a 7900 GTO/GTX 512MB. It's basically a 7900GTX 512MB so treat it as that: - GeForce 7900 GTX Core running at 650MHz - 512MB 1.1ns GDDR3 Extreme Memory running at 1320MHz - 24 Pixel Pipelines - Designed For Extreme HD Gaming – Delivering Ultra Realistic Gaming Experiences - Dual link DVI support - SLI ready – Delivering upto 2x the performance - Shader Model 3.0 Support - True High Dynamic Range Re
  13. Alright well it's been over a year since my Steam has worked (Steam, steampowered.com) and it just annoys me since I have a lot of games on my account. My account works fine but one day it just decided to not work. So when I try to log on I get the error message: "Could not connect to the Steam network. This could be a problem with your Internet connection or the steam servers. Please go to steampowered.com for more info" Now to save a long story short, I have went through Valve's forum and tech support. Tech support was somewhat a waste of time, I sent them a msinfo32 report and the
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