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  1. My wife's excuse for not doing things she doesn't want to do is that she gave birth. So I have a lot of catching up to do in the horrible jobs stakes!
  2. My handwriting is an embarrassing, dire abomination. I have very little consistency in size and shape of letters and have no fluency at all. The letters do not even stay on the line! My 5 year old writes better than me! By 'cursive' do you mean 'joined up' writing? I join some letters but not others. Thank the Lord for keyboards!
  3. No probs. I learn something new here EVERY visit!
  4. DDR is the type of RAM. Dual channel is a feature of motherboards to increase the memory bandwidth and thus improve performance. This motherboard does not offer dual channel functionality.
  5. Hey Andrew Don't know if you got this resolved, but if not, I think I have stumbled across the solution. In Outlook 2000, if you have your Mail Format option set to send mail in HTML or Plain Text format, the attachment appears at the bottom, beneath a line. If you change this to Outlook Rich Text, attachments will appear in the body of the message. When you right click on objects in Windows Explorer and choose Send To/Mail Recipient, it appears to override Outlook's settings and change the format to Plain Text. So I would guess that your errant workstation was set up to send
  6. Just got back after Easter to read this terrible news. Volt, I can't imagine how you must be feeling. You have my sincere condolences, and my thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family.
  7. Max operating temp for your CPU is 85c. At 55c (I'm assuming idle temp?) you are not in trouble but it's not great. Temps will depend on a lot of factors - quality of HSF, type of thermal interface (paste/pad) used, case ventilation and airflow, ambient room temperature and, of course, type of CPU. My XP2500+ (Barton) idles at around 44c and at full load I have never seen it go above 51c. This is with the stock AMD HSF. I recently applied some Arctic Silver 5 and the load temp has dropped a full degree and I think it is going to drop a liitle more. Not sure if the Thoroughbre
  8. That's not US$ is it? Where in the world are you?
  9. Never actually clicked on the download link! That'll teach me not to assume that a site called FREE Game Downloads actually had FREE game downloads! They should change their name to Not Quite Free game downloads.
  10. You might want to try Disk Keeper Lite or another third party defrag program. That way there's an outside chance of Win98 defragging this side of Easter!
  11. Drat! I didn't know I had to get certified! Sigh... I wish people would simply accept me for what I am, without me having to proove it all the time! Back on topic... Good suggestion patrickt - try the PC with a different monitor (or vice versa.) That way you can determine whether the problem is with the PC or with the monitor itself.
  12. What an amazing result! First Chelsae win over Arsenal in 5 years or so! I am really pleased for Claudio Ranieri too. The way he has been treated this season is a disgrace. Best way to answer the critics, as always, is on the pitch. (Or, in his case, on the touchline ) I do feel a little afraid for Arsenal now. They looked tired and out of ideas for much of the second half. And not a good time in the season for Henry to take a dip in form! It will be a real shame for them if their wonderful potential treble winning season ends up with no silverware in the trophy cabinet at al
  13. WOW! 5 mins into 2nd half and Lampard scores! The scum are level, SuicideToast!
  14. 1-0 to Arsenal at half time. What a blow to Chelsea who had defended really well I thought. Gonna be difficult for them to do it now - they haven't scored more than 1 against the gunners all season.
  15. No need to close the thread. Only a healthy use of the EDIT command for certain posts and a little more respect and restraint. Why don't we try to get back to helping Wynton with the question about RAM. This is a laptop we are talking about. Here is a link to the Crucial site with details of what they recommend. http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.asp...eries&submit=Go Wynton, do a google search for Inspiron 8000 memory and you should be given links to a variety of suppliers.
  16. You need to connect the audio wires from the top of your case to the appropriate pins on your motherboard. This will be detailed in your motherboard manual. If you don't have this, download the user manual pdf file from the link Volt gave. (You will need Acrobat reader to display the file.)
  17. oatman has got a point. Given the cost of cartriges vs the cost of a new printer, it might be worth your while to change printers. The current HP printers are very good (my 5150 is just excellent - quiet and quick and ink lasts a fair while) Just my personal opinon but lexmark printers do tend to come with a bit of a bad name as far as reliability and running costs go.
  18. How old is it? If brand new - send it back and get it replaced. If still under warranty, get in touch with Lexmark and get them to fix/replace it.
  19. Try running through several cleaning cycles- may help. They same thing happened to someone I know. They ended up getting a replacement printer shipped out to them from Dell (their Lexmark was part of a Dell package) as the tech people said it had a damaged carriage. From what I found out at the time, I think you are experiencing what can be a common problem with Lexmark printers.
  20. You will probably need to reinstall your programs so they can be recognised by the new installation of XP. This would apply for your game too, although in the folder where it was originally stored, there is likely to be a save game folder or something which you can keep safe while you reinstall the game and then copy back into the new folder.
  21. Can you try booting into safe mode and see if you get the same result?
  22. You are not changing your motherboard are you? If not, and as you won't be overclocking, your motherboard supports PC2100 so get this. I don't know if PC2700 would work. The prices for both should be pretty similar if you shop around. As for prices, that is really difficult as it depends on make of RAM as well as speed and memory prices do fluctuate. As a guide in the UK you can get 512mb of PC2100 for about £60 (about 90 Euros, or $110 US)
  23. Changing ISPs should have no affect on either your address book or your contacts. You would simply have a new e-mail account set up that would access your existing information. Unless you are changing mail programs or having to reinstall. If you do want/need to export your address book it is straightforward but depends on whether we are talking about Outlook or Outlook Express. Can you tell me what the exact situation is (ie what you use now, what you will be using etc.)
  24. When you say it doesn't get past a certain point, does it simply stop? Or does it start again from the beginning in a loop? Do you get any error messages? If it is restarting it is possible you have something going on in the background that shouldn't be, writing to the disk. Do you run any anti-spyware software? If not, you could do worse than getting hold of Ad-Aware from http://www.lavasoftusa.com/ (free download) and running it to make sure your PC is clean.
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