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  1. Did you do the format before reinstalling XP?
  2. That's the hard bit! One of the problems is that I'm not really sure what the onboard sound is other that what's written on the chips, what it originally said in device manager and what Aida32 says. The original spec for the PC doesn't help at all (just says on board AC97 sound or something like that.) But I have tried literally dozens of drivers so far that are supposed to be for Creative/Ensoniq/ES1371/PCI64V/PCI128 etc but I still get no sound. I'll do what you suggest, though - go back to basics, clean out all the sound stuff on there and go through the CD and try the driver's tha
  3. In that case you can do what fragged one suggests, so long as your BIOS supports booting from CD. You may first need to get into BIOS and change the boot sequence so that it does CD first. Then reboot with your XP CD in the drive. This will give you the opportunity to format/partition your HD prior to doing a fresh install of XP. After the process, remember to swith the boot sequence in BIOS back. Also remember that formatting means bye bye to data.
  4. Just to clarify, so there is no wrong stick end getting, there is only on board sound. There is no separate PCI card. The chips on the mobo have Creative ES1371 and Creative CT1297 on them. The original driver CD is the one that came with the PC from Time containing all the drivers - sadly, this appears to be a generic CD so there are more than one sound driver that could relate to the on board sound. Also, a visit to the Time support site does not appear to list the model number on the back of the PC. Also, the mobo is a Microstar and the model number is not listed on the Microst
  5. Thanks for the input. I'll give all that a go this evening when I can get at the PC. What's your opinion on the bad driver vs dead hardware dilemma?
  6. Windows 98. EDIT: Ah. You got that.
  7. I did look in Bios and the only thing I remember seeing was the choice to enable or disable onboard sound. It says enabled so unless there's something else in Bios that is causing an issue it should be OK. duanester, sent you a reply. For the sake of the thread, the correct device is selected where it should be. BTW, everytime I try a different driver, it seems, the name of the sound card listed in device manager changes: Creative Soundblaster 64V Creative Ensoniq PCI Audio and others. Aida 32 records it as something like a Soundblater PCI128 but originally on the PC it
  8. Didn't get a chance to run a fresh test last night as did an online Panda virus scan that took hours but came up clean. I did find sound drivers under add remove programs so I uninstalled them. I then manually moved all the sound driver files to a back up location so that when the computer rebooted it prompted for a driver location. I cancelled out of this and then ran the driver setup which installed driver and software fine. Guess what? No sound. Now as far as I know, I have installed the correct driver. Device manager says everything is working correctly and there are no conf
  9. Thanks for the link tokehemp. x5dr - when I play a file in media player, the vizualisations work - as if it is playing OK - is that what you mean? I'm heading home now so I'll post a test when I get there and work on the suggestions given. Thanks all for the input so far.
  10. Not the speaker cable - works fine on my pc, just not on this one. I'm almost certain it's not hardware related (unless the onboard sound chip has gone belly up) There was sound. Then there was a boot problem where the PC was not getting into Windows. I fixed this initially using scanreg /restore and the pc booted and there was sound no problem. A couple of days later, the boot problem was back. This time scanreg / restore did not work. Finally tracked down the boot fail was actually a boot delay of about 5 minutes. A bootlog analyser showed that the delay was in connection with D
  11. The settings such as sample rate etc are all default. dxdiag shows no problems with direct x files but no sound heard during the audio tests - even though everything looks as though it should be working.
  12. Thanks. Any ideas on the other thought - that something other than the driver could be stopping the sound?
  13. This is on windows 98 actually but I think that there is an option in device manager to view the driver files so I may have to copy that and go through it all manually. Presumably if I get rid of all of it, windows plug and play will stop at the detection phase and let me cancel out or point to the new drivers I want to install?
  14. Thanks fragged one. Presumably you mean under add/remove programs? What if there's nothing there?
  15. BT shouldn't be your only option. With a BT line you can use other broadband suppliers. This is a listing of broadband suppliers. Big names include Freeserve, Tiscali, AOL (shudder!) My understanding is that if you have a BT line another company can piggyback their broadband services - you don't have to use BTs broadband.
  16. Hi all. Trying to sort out the sound on a friend's PC. Did have a problem booting which I tracked down to the sound card driver. However, they have on board sound and it's been a real nightmare tracking down the correct drivers to make it work. The upshot is that I have tried lots of drivers that seem to be just the one I need but still no sound whatsoever. Device Manager says all is installed, no conflicts and it appears to work, apart from the fact that there is no sound coming from the speakers (which do work and are plugged into the correct socket.) What I want to do is to re
  17. Just an update on the problem. If I disable the sound card, the pc boots with no problem, no delay! So I think the problem relates to a corrupt sound card driver. When I do enable it, the boot takes five minutes again. I also get no sound being played. All I need to do now is download an updated driver for an Ensoniq soundblaster PCI 64v, which would be OK if the Creative website wasn't acting like a tortoise on valium! Thanks again for everyone's help. If this does solve the problem, I'll post back just for reference.
  18. Haven't watched the superbowl for a few years now - on too late for me, but I have always hated the halftime shows. I know its all traditional now, but Surely it would be better to get back to the action asap? Isn't the game itself a big enough TV attraction? It surely doesn't need all the padding in the middle. I mean, who actually watches/enjoys the halftime show?
  19. So I ran a defrag. A couple of hours later, rebooted, still takes five minutes to get into windows. Got hold of a utility called bootlog analyser and checked the bootlog file. This identified that there is about a 4 minute delay while loading dynamic device Dsound.vxd. Aha! there is obviously a problem with Direct X - maybe a corrupt install. So I installed DX9, rebooted and STILL a five minute boot time. Did a bootlog analyser again and it is still saying a 4 minute delay on Dsound.vxd. I'm pretty sure that this is the problem. The question is, what can I do about it?
  20. http://download.com.com/3150-2140-0-1-1.html?tag=more There's one here called Advanced MP3 Home Studio which claims to make MP3 data CDs, which I think is what you are after. Don't know anything about it, but it says it is limited to number of uses, not features, so might be worth checking out.
  21. Have you tried the old, uninstall/reinstall procedure?
  22. What happens if you launch the player itself, rather than clicking on an audio file?
  23. Thanks ByGeorge. Will do. btw don't ask me about the RAM - I haven't got a clue either
  24. OK, so by running safe mode I don't get any drivers loaded. As running a selective startup, (ie no config.sys, autoexec.bat, and only systray, power profile and a couple of others in startup) is it reasonable to assume the problem comes from the loading drivers stage? If so, any ideas how I track down the miscreant that is causing the holdup?
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