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  1. Hi Bill Incredimail is fine for win98se. If it's not working and you're also having problems with OE I would say something else is wrong. Can you run the Pit tests on your PC and post the Tech Express link to the results back here so we can take a look under the bonnet so to speak!
  2. I thought we were supposed to be stopping the pervs exposing themselves.
  3. savastore.co.uk have got a 17" for £72.38 inc VAT http://www.savastore.com/category/Monitor.html
  4. That's interesting info Newdles. I have Roxio and XP home and there have been no problems at all. Mind you I haven't tried uninstalling it! Rog, deleting everything in your registry, if even possible, would lead immediately to a completely non functioning operating system. (Not really recommended. The registry is Windows' database of information that tells it how all the bits of hardware in your PC are configured and run, as well as all the software and Windows itself.
  5. I think I'd have to say ER. Consistently been one of my favourite shows for many years.
  6. Did you try the refresh rate? As for Ebay - if the seller is being unhelpful and the equipment is faulty, be sure to leave some negative feedback. That at least should hinder future transactions by them as Ebayers don't like to buy/sell to/from people with bad feedback. Sorry if you got a lemon. Hope you didn't spend too much!
  7. I'm more than happy for the police to do this to try and stop these people. I'm more nervous when it is the press or similar. One of our national newspapers over here ran a name and shame campaign, publishing pictures and details of convicted sex offenders and where they lived. What we ended up with, pretty much, were lynch mobs of angry locals, out to 'get' the people they had seen in the paper. Now if I had one of these people living down my street I would not be best pleased (putting it mildly)but what about the poor innocent people that got lynched or whose house got set on fir
  8. You could try changing the refresh rate - that can have an impact on picture clarity.
  9. Are these bullets changing on screen or only when printing? Presumably you have tried to manually amend the default bullet? (I've got Word 2000 in front of me now but it's likely to be the same - Format/Bullets and Numbering then click on the bullet you want. You could also click Customize and then click Font and make sure the default font is correct. I think it should by Symbol) Is this happening with Word XP docs or with Word docs from other versions?
  10. Jammin


    'cruisin for a bruisin' - classic line from Grease. I think there is some very good stuff on TV. The problem is, you have to wade through ten tons of doggy doo doo to find it. There are things that I watch regularly - Buffy (no more ), ER, Star Trek (I know, anorak), Friends, Smallville etc. I'm also so a bit of a sucker for the reality stuff (Celebrity, Big Brother, Pop Idol) Now this I know certainly is a little way off 'quality' television, but sometimes you need something brainless and entertaining.
  11. France has a long secular tradition. Many believe that if you live in France you should be French first and whatever religion you are second - immigrants should adapt to the French way of life, not France adapt to the immigrants' way of life. The head scarf row is simply a symbol of the underlying situation as France seeks to deal with the increasing multi-religious nature of its population. In interviews I have heard with French politicians, the head scarf is not the problem, it's the Muslim girls refusing to have swimming lessons with boys, or refusing to speak to male teachers e
  12. Just to agree with invision. You do not have to install 98 first. The XP 'upgrade' is EXACTLY the same as the XP 'full' version. The only difference is that if you use the upgrade you have to prove to XP during the installation process that you own a qualifying product (ie your original Win 98 CD). You sinply insert the Cd when asked, XP checks it then carries on installing. You can do this on a brand new hard drive, or a freshly formatted one (which XP also can do during installation) This way you get a clean installation of XP which is so much better than installing over the top of an
  13. I think it's more important for cooling to have air blowing in than sucking out. I would therefore put the fast one on the front blowing in and the other one on the back at the top blowing out.
  14. What's that phrase? Lies, damn lies and statistics. I do agree with you. Opinion polls are at best a rough guide, rather than the gospel truth. Also, you are right to question what the question was, and the make up of the figures. These things notwithstanding, the general point is that over two thirds of people polled said that they thought is was more likely than not that Saddam was personally involved in the 9/11 attacks. My question is why? What gave people this impression? The thread is about lies. Were the American people lied to?
  15. Here you go http://united-states-of-earth.com/article.....asp?MenuID=996
  16. Does your friend have a windows 98 CD or is it pre-installed on his other machine too?
  17. here's some. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3118262.stm and the transcript of the Dick Cheney interview http://msnbc.msn.com/id/3080244/ and here's a speech of GWB in October 2002 http://www.guardian.co.uk/Iraq/Story/0,276...,806800,00.html Now before you quite rightly point out that nowhere does it say that GWB or Dick Cheney say "Saddam was responsible for 9/11" I think the most important thing is the perception that the public had. If 70% of Americans believed that Saddam was involved in the 9/11 attacks, then the question is why did they believe it? To quote just bits f
  18. Thanks dickster. I'll try and get hold of a sound card tonight and try it out. At least that way I can determine that the darn thing can play some sound or not! Now to find some gullible fool who will let me rip the sound card out of their machine!
  19. OK, after another frustrating evening I am officially annoyed! Still no sound. I tried several times to install the driver from the Time driver CD. Several times the installation froze halfway through and I had to reboot. Trying to run the setup file on the CD caused an error that it couldn't read the CD properly, so I copied the whole folder onto the hard drive to run it there and got exactly the same message! Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did manage to correctly install the original correct driver from the CD (I think!) However, after doing this, not only did the PC revert t
  20. Does your new mobo have on board sound? If so, you will need to disable it in BIOS.
  21. It was doing it automatically. I think some inf file or something else was still hanging around and just kicked off an automatice plug and play installation without any user interaction. This was why I have had to search through manually for all the related driver files and move them somewhere else safe. Is it best then to simply point the PC to the cd where the drivers are and let it install them this way, or to cancel out of the plug and play wizard bit and run the sound sriver setup program - that installs all the related software as well?
  22. I do believe that Fat32 scores higher on certain benchmarks, but my understanding is that NTFS is far more stable and secure, less prone to defragmentation and much quicker to defragment than Fat32. Some of the people here at the pit will switch to Fat32 for running a pit test as the score increases slightly, and then switch back to NTFS for their everyday use. If switching caused you problems, however, then I would choose one system and stick with it. IMHO I'd rather have a reliable, stable PC and forego a few extra points on a benchmark. Well done for sorting out your USB problem
  23. is it a wireless mouse? Someone here at the pit had an issue when they and a neighbour were using the same brand of wireless mouse and they were interfering with each other's pcs - it looked to both of them as if someone else was controlling the mouse. Just a thought.
  24. Out of interest what did you do to get your USB back? As for the file system, if you were getting dodgy errors in Windows I think the recommendation would be to format the HD, then do a clean install of the OS, rather than reinstalling over an existing install. What file system are you using now? Also, why did you want to go to Fat32 instead of NTFS?
  25. Thanks for the advice, support and especially the drink! All needed and appreciated!
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