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  1. That's great. Sir T, you need to get out more!
  2. If it is an ATX case and an ATX mobo, things will line up fine. Your vid card will come out where the top horizontal blanking plate is, immediately under the mobo i/o ports (the vertical group of bits to the left, under the power input)
  3. You people. Move along please. Nothing to see here. (darn pitsters, ruining my reputation!)
  4. You noticed that, did you! I would like to think it is because I put forward such well thought out arguments that no one can dispute - case closed, I win. In fact, it's because I usually come to the party so late, everyone else has already left!
  5. If everyone in the world were as good, decent, and responsible as you and me, I would agree.
  6. Everyone is different. We are all individuals. It just depends on what level you define the difference. Hair colour, skin colour, religious belief, right handed / left handed, wears glasses / perfect sight, country of birth, Eastenders fan / Corrie fan etc. I could go on and on. However, as well as being different, more importantly, everyone is the same. Last time I checked there were no sheep, spiders, snakes, dogs, cats or Martians posting on this board just plain old human beings. We are all the same and yet we are all unique and special and therefore I am as deserving o
  7. Personally, I like XP. If you keep up to date with security patches from MS and keep your AV updated you should be fine. Activation is only an issue if you change hardware loads, and even if you do, it only takes a minute or two to reactivate over the net. I'm a little concerned with this... Presumably that's his second hand original Win 2000 CD because he's bought a new one and had two?
  8. I absolutely agree with that, especially the amount of times my kids watch the same vid/DVD again and again. Videos especially get really bad really quick with repeated viewings. I really need to sort myself out and get burning onto VCD!
  9. You need to be a little careful with your ram choice. What mobo is it for? Some of the NForce ones can be very picky when it comes to ram. Have a look on the manufacturer's website to check what ram the mobo is certified to take. This doesn't mean that other makes of ram on the list definitely won't work, but if you go with the recommended brands you might save yourself some trouble/money. As for the dual channel bit, two sticks of the same size/type/speed should be just fine. Just remember to check the mobo instructions so you put them in the right slots!
  10. I don't remember exactly what started it, but I think it was the nice colours and sounds! I just wanted a computer to play games on because it was all new and exciting, so my mum and dad brought me a BBC B for christmas one year - big present back then, about £400! That must have been around 1982/3. Got the BBC as that was what we used in school. Dabbled a bit in BASIC programming but mainly had it for the games. Still got it in the loft actually. From that I had a bit of a quantum leap and bought myself an Amiga 500 around 1988. Again games was the big attraction but I also did a lo
  11. Intratech, Here is what happened.... at some point someone said "hey, wow, geesh, drugs are bad." and just like in the little song, they called up their congressperson and said there ought to be a law, etc etc etc..... well most people agreed, the President signed a bill, it became a law. Good right? I think so. Well without the sarcasm its the same thing here. Someone thinks there ought to be a law, and enough people agree to get it read, debated, and discussed by the very people who make the laws, and our President has already said bring it on, and I will make it law. Its j
  12. My new fave... Promise Her Anything, But Give Her Jammin.
  13. Wow! Politics, religion and sex all in the same thread. Talk about combustable ingredients! Religion and morals adapt over the centuries to reflect society. If you think about some of the things 'the church' has done over the years 'in the name of God' - the Spanish Inquisition springs to mind as a good example. Also morals. In the 'good old days' you could have a houseful of slaves, beat your wife and send your children down the pit to work. In fact it was compulsory in order to be a respected member of the community. Then along came the damn liberals and put a stop to all that
  14. Vorsprung Durch Jammin. Wow! I Could Have Had a Jammin! You'll Look a Little Lovelier Each Day with Fabulous Pink Jammin. Fab stuff!
  15. Does the fan definitely spin when you power on? Is it on the right way - ie blowing air onto the cpu? Are you sure you have installed the heatsink onto the cpu correctly and are you using the appropriate thermal pad/paste?
  16. Has anyone said Elite? I spent literally months of my young life playing that game. Not only and excellent game but technologically good too - a whole galaxy to explore, trading and 3d graphics all on my 32k BBC B!
  17. A man who has had a vasectomy with a woman cannot create a baby. The countless numbers of heterosexual couples who have sex using contraception are not doing it to procreate as they were biologically designed for. Are these people also aberrations of human nature? Does that mean that you are also not born heterosexual? Do men have to be 'educated' to be attracted to women and vice-versa? I don't believe that for a second. I believe I have natural, in built, heterosexual urges. I sincerely believe that no amount of homosexual indoctrination would make me fancy another man, nor my wi
  18. If the NIC is in built, there should be a driver on the driver CD that came with your PC or motherboard - do you have this?
  19. Kucinich 100% (never heard of him) Bush 18% (that must have been on the bits I know nothing about!)
  20. http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?ac...=ST&f=3&t=40403 (Original thread and test results.) You had some concerns about Incredimail. Although this caused no probs for me. You have tried uninstalling OE, have you tried uninstalling Incredimail? Does this make any difference? Also, when did the problems first occur? Was OE working OK and then stopped or have you always had the problem?
  21. But isn't the movie based on a book? (The Bible) Therefore, surely the critique could extend to a book review also? j/k
  22. Not exactly, but don't worry! On the summary page of your test results should be a box that says "Share Results With TechExpress" Click on this. In the yellow box at the top of the new page is a TechExpress web link. Highlight the link, then copy and pate it into a new post here. We should then be able to go directly to the stored results and see all the details. btw OE and incredimail should not clash. I had both on my old 98se system without any trouble.
  23. Usually, I'm quite liberal when it comes to criminal activity. I believe in punishment, yes, but also in rehabilitation. The problem is, how do you rehabilitate someone's sexual preference? I don't believe that sexual choice is a conscious, social choice. I believe, for example, that homosexual people are born homosexual and heterosexual people are born heterosexual. If you carry this belief forward, you end up at the conclusion that people who are attracted to children in a sexual way are also born like that. If this is the case then, in the same way that you could not 'educate'
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