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  1. I think he probably shouldn't have mentioned her or the family specifically. He could have said what he wanted to say without using such a specific example.
  2. Are you running any tweaking utilities? I was running one recently that cleared the swap file on shutdown - really slowed things down when switching off the pc.
  3. Yes, Ameria is a target, but America is not the only target. If you think that OBL and the rest of the terrorists are going to conveniently forget about Australia, Canada, Britain and any other non-muslim western society....
  4. Agreed. However.... Until we deal with the injustices and legitimate greivances of many people in the world, the ranks of the terrorists will continue to swell, regardless of how much military muscle you throw at the problem.
  5. But what if I want to be spanked with a wet rubber glove?
  6. I don't know... I understand, accept and tolerate you DD, but it's not like we're engaged or anything!
  7. LOL Somehow, I can't see GWB and OBL kissing and making up! What we need is tolerance, understanding and acceptance that different people want to lead different lives and that we should let them do it. This applies to both sides of the war.
  8. While I agree that the war will cause a lot of fallout, I disagree that only America needs to be concerned. The hostage takers in Iraq have shown that they are quite prepared to go after any nationality, not just American and not just those that supported the war. OBL has his sights set on the entire western world, not just America. The Bali bomb and the Madrid train bombs proove that. Like I said, we are all in this together and need to work together to find a solution. It is not just America's problem.
  9. There's plenty of targets on his hit list.
  10. As far as WWII is concerned, the ALLIES won the war, together. OK some ALLIES might have had a bigger influence at one time or another but the point is that the common enemy was defeated by the ALLIES working together, attacking on different fronts. Who cares if the USA was a little late to the party? The fact remains that the civilised world can be mighty grateful that they came to play, and the ALLIES were strengthened by their involvement. My feeling is that if we are to beat international terrorism, it will only be done by maintaining a strong, unified international coalition of AL
  11. Did you used to have temp problems or has this happened suddenly/gradually? What HSF have you got on your CPU? Could try re-seating after applying some decent thermal paste.
  12. A gun is inherently dangerous. That it has evolved and expanded its role into the sporting arena does not detract from its original purpose - to kill someone/something. I do find, however, that my position has shifted slightly in the time that I have been here and read/participated in gun threads. There are plenty of people here that I have come to like and respect who are gun owners. I neither like nor respect them less for this. Instead it gives a different perspective that guns can be fun - in the right hands and in the right situation. However, the sad truth is that there are
  13. Been busy saving the world - haven't had time to post much! (actually my cape got shredded in the washing machine but it's embarrassing so I won't mention it!)
  14. It's a very difficult topic because people always have their opinions and their personal favourites and they tend to stick to them through thick and thin (like the old Sega vs Nintendo my consoles better than yours argument.) I think it depends on what sort of computer user you are. If you are going to be concerned with making sure you squeeze every ounce of performance from your PC and regularly test and benchmark it, then these decisions are important. For Joe Average, however, who surfs the net, does e-mail, has a digital camera and plays a few games, the relatively small diffe
  15. WOW! That's lovely news. Congrats and good luck to you both.
  16. From memory I'm pretty sure that the UN inspectors were pretty convinced that there was no nuclear program in Iraq. Also, taking action against Saddam for not complying with UN resolutions? Well, the resolutions were for him to get rid of his WMD after the first gulf war. Given the lack of WMD found so far, I would say that it looks like he complied. I hope that we went to war on bad intelligence information. This is a double edged sword. If we cannot rely on our intelligence agencies we are in big trouble, especially given the nature of the 'war' we are currently engaged in. Howeve
  17. Ha ha ha. Just you wait. One day we'll beat you!
  18. I don't think I screwed the sheild to the case. It just slotted into the hole. The mobo ports keep it firmly in place but it was a bit of a pain to get everything all lined up.
  19. Who are the mails from? Presumably from people you know as they have your address in their address book. If they don't know that they are infected, you could mail them back and tell them you think they have a virus. If you cure their PC they should stop e-mailing it back to you. Also, are you sure your pc is clean? Did you turn off system retore before removing? If you didn't you will still have the virus lurking somewhere. The only other thing I can think of right now is that you get yourself a mail previewing program so you can filter your e-mail before OE collects it. Mailwash
  20. Well I suppose buying a stick of ram is cheaper than a new mobo, if I can even get hold of some compatible ram that is - it ain't exactly a state of the art box!
  21. I've got that mobo and I remember having trouble getting the shield in place too. I think brute force and ignorance won the day in the end!
  22. No spare ram to test sadly. Should I be able to at least see the BIOS screen though, even if the ram is bad or could this be a cause of no video signal getting to the monitor as well?
  23. Thanks for the suggestion Chopdoc, but managed it OK. No good, however. Forgot to mention in my first post that I don't think it is the hard drive, despite the scandisk shenanigans that went on after the initial crash. I took the HDD out of the pc and put it in mine. AVG picked up a bugbear virus on the disk. Got rid of that, then ran scandisk - all OK. Then did a defrag. Looks in OK shape, despite being very low on space. Can't test if it boots OK in my PC though. Put it back in my friend's PC but still the same. No Post. No Beeps. No vid signal and no boot. :help:
  24. Hi shogan. I did try that. Took the battery out and moved the jumper pins. Still the same. Didn't leave it for two minutes though. I'll try again but leave it out longer.
  25. Hi all. Friend's PC won't boot. They had a crash. On restart scandisk got halfway through then stopped, restart again, similar thing. Now the PC turns on, the power light comes on the front, the PSU and CPU fans both spin and the HDD light comes on for a little while then stops. There are no POST beeps whatsoever and no video signal to the monitor. If I put a bootable floppy in the floppy drive recognises there's a disk but does nothing withit. It is not the monitor - tried with another that def works. It is not the vid card - as above I don't think it's the PSU - used a diff
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