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  1. Yeah. Or like those keyrings that beep when you whistle or something. Or better still, do you remember when remote controls were actually attahced to the TV by a wire? At least you couldn't lose it.
  2. Bad luck on the virus front. Nasty little things. Well done on getting it sorted tho. :beer:
  3. The only thing I would say to that is OK if the uncached speed is making a noticable difference to the performance of the PC. If not, and it's only to get a higher pit score, then I wouldn't. Set up your hard drive that is best for how you want to organise the files on your PC.
  4. 2 TV 1 DVD 1 CD 1 VCR 1 Cable 1 Amp 1 Midi system 8 in total. How many can I regularly find? 0 The wife and kids sadistically hide them all during the course of the day!
  5. I agree with Bubba, it depends what you want to do. I would recommend keeping your OS on a separate partition from your data. This way, if you need to reinstall windows, your data will be safe. Bear in mind that if you have a 'Programs' partition, most installs will always put stuff on your OS partion as well, so you need to leave enough space over and above what your OS needs. Also, if you have to reinstall windows, you will also have to reinstall your programs as well. It really comes down to personal preference. Some people have a separate partion for everything (eg Music, Pic
  6. not sure about the wincrt32.exe. Did you completely uninstall AVG before installing Norton?
  7. Waheey! Time to crack open the Ambre Solaire!
  8. That's just beautiful Won't save you from a beating though (Sir T's a poet and he didn't know it!)
  9. Here is some good info on system restore. You can't delete individual points, but you can reduce the amount of space it uses. http://www.informationweek.com/story/IWK20020711S0009
  10. From memory, if you disable Windows Restore it will remove the contents of the Restore folder. This will give you a gig back of space, but you will lose the restore points you have created up to that point. If you turn on System Restore again, it starts up from scratch. I'll try to find out if you can selectively remove restore points instead. In the meantime, can you run a pit test and post the results. We can then check everything else is OK. Here's how http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress/howto1.asp
  11. How big? What OS are you using? How did you do your restore?
  12. How about.... Sir T singing to the tune of 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' (Mary Poppins) "I know a lady called Cathie, we had a kind of date But I ate too many peppermints and woke up kinda late Well now I’m in some deep doo doo for causing her such woes Thank gawd I know a real good word and this is how it goes.. I’m sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sor –ry Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sor-ry Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sor-ry Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sor-ry!"
  13. You can't simply move programs from one partition to another. You can do this with data though. Is all you space on C taken up with just programs? If so then I think the only way around it would be to uninstall some and then reinstall onto the other partition. If it's data, then just copy it to the other partition. You will probably have to change some of the default document paths on some programs so that they look for the data in the right place, but even this is not really necessary as you can simply navigate to the other partition anyway.
  14. Yup. You do have a test to compare prior to removing this stuff I presume?
  15. Talk about letting the side down, Sir T. You may have (fortunately) missed the opportunity to smooch some hillbilly butt, but you've got plenty of butt smooching to do to the ladies to regain your gentlemanly reputation. Bad show old boy.
  16. Put your foot down. Tell her who's boss. (or ask real polite if she wouldn't mind etc) You probably should restart. The olny reason I ak is that if you PC is, graphicswise, better after doing what you have done, then it would seem to make sense to continue. If there has been no change or it is worse, then don't!
  17. How is your pc performing? Better, worse, no change?
  18. Have you tried booting into safe mode? If you do this and then open display properties can you see all the tabs etc? Was your display OK? If so, have you installed anything recently? You could try removing any software you have put on recently (starting with the most recent and working back) and see if the problem resolves itself.
  19. You could always try renaming the files (put '.OLD' at the end of each one for example) If your PC works fine/improves performance then delete them. If you get problems, simply take off the .OLD bit to put it back where it was.
  20. Mentioned with the greats all in one breath. Nelson Mandela will be pleased he has got recognition at last.
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