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  1. In fact Firefox even has a little extension you can download which puts an 'open this page in IE' option on your right click menu - nice! I use Firefox exclusively at home. At work some of our intranet sites make use of ActiveX so it's IE there. I think it is really a matter of opinion as to which is better. Try them out and take your pick. My reasons for using Firefox are security, customisation, tabbed browsing, privacy, download management. All so much better than IE (and in some cases, non-existent in IE!) I did try Opera, but I didn't really like it. Can't put my finger
  2. No worries. We're good! I will read the link you posted, because I am interested in these things - from the perspective of an outsider looking in. As I said earlier, it is a very emotive issue both inside and outside of the USA. It is highly unlikely that I would ever change my opinion, in the same way that your opinion is just as firmly established. As for statistics, well, there are lies, damn lies etc I'm sure that there are facts and figures on both sides of the argument that could convincingly 'proove' both case. This being the case, I suppose it does simply come down
  3. Regardless of whether I agree with owning guns or not, I absolutely agree with you on this point. If not guns, then knives, sticks, bare hands etc. If a person means to do you harm they will find a way.
  4. Yes and no. I did read your links, although not the third one. I did not deliberately go to a 'well known' anti-rights site as I have no knowledge of what a pro or anti rights site is. I Googled for information about gun deaths in the world and that was simply one of the places I came to. If the figures that are on the site are wrong, then show me the correct ones and I'll retract the post. I also stated in an earlier post that I agreed that banning certain types of guns was a slippery slope to banning all guns. I don't think that outlawing a particular type of gun would do much g
  5. OK, this study is a few years old now, but you will get my point: http://www.guncite.com/cnngunde.html I will not dispute that gun crime in the UK is rising. There are also arguments about violent crime in general. I will also not dispute that people are shot and killed in the UK, but I will stick to my original point - in a country like the UK where ownership of firearms is not a right, there is far less chance of being killed with a firearm than in the USA.
  6. Talking about gun ownership makes me nervous because I know how much the right to bear arms means to a lot of people in the US. In a society where ownership of guns is not prevalant, the chances are that that scenario you paint would be different; neither of your protagonists would be likely to have a gun, therefore the old man doesn't end up shot. In my humble and totally subjective opinion, I feel that the people of America pay a very dear price in human life in order to maintain their rights to own guns.
  7. I don't want to be drawn into a discussion about the rights and wrongs of gun ownership. However, I do agree with the 'slippery slope' argument that if you allow certain guns to be outlawed, you set a precedent which will make it easier to ban the next type of gun and the next etc etc. Having said that, I do find it difficult to comprehend the 'need' of some people for certain types of weapons that you would normally expect only the military to use. It must be a difficult and devisive issue for you guys. How do you stop people owning really outrageous and unnecessary weapons withou
  8. I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Nik Kershaw
  9. Crimson Skies. Not played over a LAN but do play multiplayer online. It's great, and the single player game is great too. http://www.microsoft.com/games/crimsonskies/default.asp
  10. Now this bit, I agree on. We must deal with the situation in the here and now, not continue to argue history. We have two sets of people, who, for whatever reason, cannot live together. Both have valid claims to the land so you cannot simply shift one group out of the area. Solution? Divide the land and let them live side by side. The saddest thing is that all this bitterness, destruction and killing is happening in, for some, the most significant holy areas in the world. It hardly seems fitting or respectful of whichever God these people worship, that so much innocent blood is spilled
  11. Volt, you're so great! Sounds like a mistake was made, but I think there is a principal that should be ironed out. Duplicate threads should, imo, be closed. It does happen from time to time. We don't need 14 simultaneous threads about the same subject - it only takes up space and serves to confuse. However, sometimes more than one thread about the same subject but discussing separate aspects are legitimate (check out the 'official' election thread. This turned into a 'let's hit Z10N with a big stick' thread, so a different thread to discuss the election was needed), also, if
  12. The only time I use IE is to test at the Pit or at work for some internal sites that run ActiveX stuff. It's pretty straightforward and you can even get a plugin for Firefox so you can have a right click option to load the current page in IE. Please, just use IE for the Pit test and use Firefox for everything else.
  13. I hear you there! Laptop parts - proprietary and expensive!!! As for the build it / buy it argument, if you want a decent pc with decent performance for a decent price with a few extras thrown in and you are not looking to do intense work/gaming and aren't an upgrader at heart, then buy. There are some really good deals on brand name PCs at the moment. It will last you a good 3 or 4 years and then if you need to upgrade you can simply buy a new system. Having said all that, if you build it yourself, you can buy exactly what you want, and you know exactly what you are getting and how i
  14. The cpu fan should be blowing through the heat sink, onto the cpu. The only question I have about your fan set up is that you seem to have more out-takes than in-takes. A second in-take fan would redress the balance and imporove air flow.
  15. Mine's just a nickname I was given by friends at my old work about 8 years ago. When I needed a username online, I just picked that one and it's stuck. I'm also online elsewhere as JamminGT and JamminGLG. (GT and GLG stand for...... not telling!) Obviously couldn't tell you my real name without blowing my secret identity cover!
  16. Jammin


    Elite on my old BBC B. Spent weeks and weeks and weeks playing that game!
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