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  1. OK thanks. Uninstall, reinstall here we go. Any other ideas? Anyone else got a Lexmark? It's not mine, honest! I've got a Xerox M760 and it's a pile of c#*p! Noisy, chews paper and has a rubbish WinXP driver that only prints at half it's resolution!
  2. Cartoons are great, apart from when the wife is in, then I'm not allowed to watch them.
  3. I get it. Ta. I will have to give it some thought and come up with something appropriately witty (lame more like ) Those formulas will never make sense if you're tired. Have a rest. They won't make any sense after you rest, but at least you won't be tired anymore.
  4. Hold the phone! Found the solution to the duplicate Rank/Lookup problem. Instead of =RANK(C50,$C$50:$C$53) put in =RANK(C50,$C$50:$C$53)+COUNTIF(C$50:C50,C50)-1 and copy this down your list of drivers The formula assesses the Rank plus the number of times the score has appeared in the list above, minus 1, if that makes sense. Let me know if you have probs. That'll learn me to read better! Custom title?
  5. S Club My 4 year old loves them! As for cartoons, hmm, are you talking Tom and Jerry or Dragonball Z?
  6. However!!!!!! You might run into problems if positions are tied (don't know hoe likley this is) so there is another, different approach. You could run a macro to copy and paste the relevant data and then sort it into order. What I don't know, however, is anything about StarCalc and whether or not it uses macros/VBA. In Excel its a piece of cake.
  7. You're just like my boss. Give him what he wants and he realises that he wants loads of other stuff as well. You need to use the RANK function and, you're right, the VLOOKUP function (assuming StarCalc has both) Put your data way down on the sheet, or even on a different sheet to keep it out of the way entirely. You need to have a column free on the very left hand side of the data (in order for the VLOOKUP to work) In this column, put the RANK calculation, based on the scores. This will look at, say, the total scores column and return the rank. So assume order of columns
  8. Eva Cassidy - I Know You By Heart Made my wife cry so much when she first heard it, she refuses to listen to it anymore! (Strange, emotional, over hormonal woman ) I think there are two types of love songs. One when you are in love, happy and all is rosy in the garden and the other when it has all gone pear shaped and all you want to do is sit in a dark room and cry.
  9. As for Schumacher being the best ever, I don't know. I heard Jackie Stewart on the radio the other day talking about this. He was saying that you can only compare him to his peers, not the past. When so much of the sport is dictated by the technology, rather than the driver talent, and when the rules have changed so much over the years, it's impossible to compare one era's driver to another's. I think you have to say that he is the best driver at the moment. Not necessarily in terms of driving ability, but in the whole package - getting the team around him, putting in the fast laps wh
  10. That's if the stupid TV directors ever bother to show it!
  11. Maybe, but surely a motor race should be decided by racing, not changing tyres?
  12. The problem with F1 over recent years is that the start and first few laps are exciting and then, for the rest of the race, it's just follow my leader, with positions changing at pitstops rather than overtaking. This year has been great. The cars have been competitive, the drivers have been aggressive and there have been loads of overtaking. Don't know what's changed, but it's been fab!
  13. Possibly. The only real way to tell is if you uninstall them and see if the problem goes away. If it does solve it then add them back in one at a time and re-defrag each time, to try and narrow down the culprit. Having said that, I run both AVG and ZoneAlarm and my defrag process is fine.
  14. Er, I maybe barking up the wrong tree here, but I didn't think Microsoft sent e-mails out like that. Are you absolutely sure they are coming from Microsoft?
  15. My friend had exactly the same problem. Turned out that it was a custom toolbar she had installed for Internet Explorer. (I think it was from E-Bay.) She uninstalled it and the problem disappeared. This is not something that showed up in the ctrl/alt/del dialog.
  16. You need to calculate the maximum value in the points column, then establish if the particular value in each row is the maximum value or not, then either have the value "Leader" or the value of the points value less the maximum value. So, assuming the current points column is column 'B' and the first row of actual data is row '2', the formula in Excel is: =IF(B2=MAX(B:,"Leader",B2-MAX(B:) Then just copy this formula down for each row you need analysed. If you have other data in your spreadsheet in the same column as the points, you will need to restrict the formula to only cove
  17. With XP you have the choice of file system, FAT 32 and NTFS. Notwithstanding any other differences between the two, as far as defragging goes, NTFS = speedy, FAT32 = leave the PC on all night! As for your question, I assume the actual speed (rpm) of the drives will have and impact. Do you know if they are different?
  18. Hi all. A contact of mine has a problem with their Lexmark printer that they got bundled with their new Dell computer. The printer is not used much, and hadn't been used for 3 or 4 weeks. They went to print out an e-mail and only the blue header, no other text was printed. Ran the printer head cleaning/alignment a couple of times but no black ink whatsoever. Tried printing in a variety of programs, same result. (Colour printing appears fine, separate black and colour cartriges.) They eventually went out and bought a new black cartridge, despite the Lexmark print dialog s
  19. Years ago I worked after school at a supermarket, and the store manger's surname was Bater. So, all the time, over the tannoy for all to hear "Mister Bater, telephone call....." Imagine his poor son, Master Bater!
  20. It's all very well having a decent lawn, but what about the dishes, and who's going to fetch your pipe and slippers of an evening now?
  21. Sir T - sorry old chap, meant to say send servant out to buy ingredients for cook to make cake. You know how it is. One has to watch one's butler so intently to make sure he types EXACTLY what you dictate.
  22. Quid = Pound, sterling, dosh, cash, MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmm, money.... Money to buy..... CAKE!!!!!!!!! (what do we call it if we join the Euro? Le Quide?)
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