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  1. My office is on the Maylands estate which is literally just down the road from the fire. I keep seeing it in the TV shots when they show the immediate area! Needless to say, I have not been in to work today and am not going in tomorrow! No idea yet how much damage done to the building but a friend of mine who works a few hundred yards further away from the fire said that her building had no windows intact, so goodness knows what has happened to my place being that much closer. I just keeping thinking how lucky it was to have happened at 6am on a Sunday morning and not 9am on Monday morning when the whole area would be completely full of people in the offices round there. In the meantime, I am enjoying some enforced time off with my lovely family - so not all bad news!
  2. My wife and I were engaged after three months of going out, but had been friends for several months before that. Married 5 years later. 10 years and 2 little urchins later and all remains hunky dory! I don't think you can really put a hard and fast rule on this sort of thing, as people are different and they and circumstances change over time. What was right for me might not be right for you. A marriage can last happily ever after or could end in acrimony after a short time, regardless of how long you go out before engagement or how long you are engaged before marriage. As for what might or might not be socially acceptable - who cares? This is love we're talking about after all!
  3. I'll have a look at both of those. Thanks very much for the links. :beer:
  4. First off, I have to say how glad and relieved I am that Discovery and her crew made it back down safely. Second, I think it is part of our make up as human beings to want to see whats over the next hill, across the sea, beyond our atmosphere etc. Imagine how different America, or Australia would be today, for example, if astronaut equivalents of old had not set sail or not taken their wagon trains across the prairies. Space travel is an inevitable step in this process of discovery. However, I wish there was more emphasis on discovery and exploration. The missions to Mars, for example, are far more exciting than the Space Shuttle, which was designed to be and is, simply a big cargo truck in space. Also, there is a cost consideration. With a lot of focus on world poverty in recent times, the vast amount of money that space travel costs is pretty staggering. NASA's budget for next year is over 16,000 million dollars!!! Think how many hungry mouths could be fed with that kind of money! I know this is a very simple way of looking at things, but it just puts things into perspective.
  5. My ISP is offering a speed upgrade but on the condition of accepting a monthly usage cap of 3gb. While I want the speed, I don't really want a cap if my current usage is anywhere near the level. What I want to do is monitor my current usage over as period of a few week and see how much I actually use. From that, I can decide whether I want to upgrade. Any ideas of how I can go about this? Thanks!
  6. If your 4 queries work OK then it is relatively simple to set up either a macro, or some VB code attached to a form with a button to click to run the entire process. This is not as daunting as it sounds! The dates issue is another one quite easily sorted. You could do it in Excel with a macro, but it is better/easier to do in Access. Probably the simplest way is to import the spreadsheet as is, then use a query to convert the text date information into a real date using the CDate function. You then have the correct date to base your other calculations on. The question I have is, is the spreadsheet name/location going to change or will it be the same every time? If it will be the same, then even better, because your macro or VB code can also be made to automatically import the spreadsheet. Even if not, there are ways around this. There are some issues about the format of the spreadsheet itself which certainly does not lend itself to being easily imported into Access. Could you describe the process you went through to import?
  7. Hi You will do best to post this in the dedicated Hijack This forum (a sub forum of the virus/spyware one) where the specialist HJT guys hang out. You'll get the best advice there.
  8. Hi Just reversing back to the error message and possible reolutions. Does she have a firewall? If so, have messenger and her e-mail program been allowed internet access?
  9. Presumably your first PC has XP on it, installed from the XP disc you are looking to use on your 2nd PC? In this case, the answer is no, you can't. The licence you have from Microsoft will allow you to install XP on one machine. Presuambly the whole thing falls down when you try to activate the product? You need to go out and buy another XP disc for your 2nd computer, or contact Microsoft about a multi machine licence.
  10. When you say you have lost your bookmarks, have you lost the menu option, or the toolbar or sidebar, or are these things OK but the bookmarks themselves gone?
  11. I enjoyed that one actually. Weaveworld was another fave of mine by Clive Barker. I'm currently re-reading the Thomas Covenant books by Steven Donaldson. First read them about 20 years ago and got the first book in the new series for christmas, but I couldn't start it without re-reading the original series first! 2 and a half books down, 3 and a half to go. All that before the new Harry Potter hopefully!
  12. Have a look at some of the threads that the search link brings up. If you have a look at the second one (the one after this thread) there is a link to an XP_fix.exe. Follow the link and download and run the file. Should sort you out.
  13. No worrys. First off, can you take a pit test and post the results back in this thread. Click on the link in my signature text for instructions how to do that. Your test will show us some info about your PC and may uncover some potential reasons for your problem. To ID your sound system open the control panel and click on Sounds and Audio Devices (I'm assuming you're on XP) , click on the audio tab and tell us what is under the default device for sound playback.
  14. Try running the virus scan in safe mode. Probably can't delete the trojan file as it is running. Booting in safe mode should stop all but the basics loading at startup, so the virus scan should sort it out.
  15. what sound card do you have in your pc, or is it onboard sound? Have you checked you soundcard control software for any audio effects or graphic equaliser type controls?
  16. I'm pretty sure this is OK. The Pentium 4s run on a quad FSB don't they? So clock speed of 200 times 4 = 800. All is good. EDIT: Here's some info http://www.gen-x-pc.com/pent800fsbinfo.htm
  17. Hi, and welcome. Could be a software issue. Possible you have some kind of audio effects software running. For example, I have th Nvidia NVMixer which allows you to use certain preset audio effects or contol sound output via a graphic equaliser. Also the playback software you use may also have similar settings. Check both and all as even if one is all off, another may be overiding things. Does it happen with different formats? ie CD, Mp3, RealAudio etc?
  18. So much for fond memories! Does he think he'll be heading for the easy life in Union then? Strange that it always used to be the other way round with players switching. I suppose it's all to do with the professional game and the lure of the £s!
  19. How sad, that an act of kindness has turned into something nasty.
  20. What do you make of the Andy Farrell code switching story?
  21. Can... worms... opened...! There is a long running debate about whether the Royal family is needed or wanted. Certainly the civil list has been reduced in recent times (that is, the number of people in the extended family that receive public money) but there is a sharp divide between the love 'em and hate 'em camp. You could argue that they are invaluable to our country's image around the world. It is often said that the Royals are more popular in the US than in the UK for instance! They are certainly incredibly important for our tourist industry and do act as representatives for the country and government on official visits from other heads of state, or on visits to other countries - releiving the pressure on the Prime Minister somewhat. They also do a lot of good work for charity in this country. I do think that a lot of critics do forget the amount of good work they do and focus on the lifestyle and the money. On the flip side, they do get paid an awful lot for what they do and they are something of an historical hang over. You could say they are representative of our country trying to cling to an age now gone when we were a glorious empire and you Yanks were just another colony! (btw the official term is a constiutional monarchy.)
  22. Agreed. But I think the same thing was true when he married Diana. So much to do with what other people wanted, and so little to do with love. We are a domocracy with a symbolic head of state who is the Queen. She has powers but in reality they are purely cermonial. For example, when it comes time for a general election, the prime minister must ask the Queen to dissolve parliament. Also, when laws are passed, they are sent to the Queen for royal assent before actually coming into force. However, as I say, in reality ceremonial. The Queen could not refuse to disolve parliament, or refuse to give legislation royal assent. The royal family are symbols of our country's heritage. They perform cermonial and ambassadorial functions for the country throughout the world. (Some people call them spongers and a complete wadte of tax payers money - but each to their own, eh? )
  23. I agree with a lot of what you say, but the point is that though they might be people of privilege and power, they are still people, subject to the same vagaries of human emotion and frailties as the rest of us. The Royal family has been through a tumultuous couple of decades. They have been open to public scrutiny and revealed more of their private lives than at any other time in their history. They have suffered adultery, divorce, arguments and death just like any modern family, but have had the added discomfort of having it all payed out in the public domain. I've no idea how (or if) they manage to stay sane! I don't think it is fair to criticise them for the position they hold. They hold it due to the weight of history and the expectations and demands on the British people. The fact that we don't have a written constitution means that it is easier for their roles and influences to be changed. It doesn't necessarily happen however, because rightly or wrongly they are still seen as a vital, albeit mainly symbolic, part of our culture and our democracy. As I said previously, divorce is a fact of life nowadays (in 2003, in the UK, there were 166,700 divorces. There were 306,200 weddings). Remarriage for people who have been divorced is also a fact of life (of the 306,200 weddings, 109,090 were remarriages for one or both partners.) The Church of England will now re-marry divorced people in church. Given these facts, why shouldn't Charles marry Camilla? It's not as if he isn't doing what thousands of people do in this country every single year.
  24. The difference between Charles and Edward is about 80 years. Soceity has moved on. Divorce is, sadly, commonplace. As is remarriage. I really don't understand the fuss. The Church of England has divorce at it's very heart. Divorce was the very reason the Church was founded. Why shouldn't Charles be King just because he marries Camilla? Surely better than not marrying her and having a Kiing living in sin! We constantly criticise the Royals for being aloof and out of touch with society, yet as soon as they do something 'normal' we criticise them even more! I'm not a raving royalist by any stretch of the imagination. These two people have been in love with each other for many many years. If they want to get married, then good luck to them.
  25. Can't see anywhere at the ASUS site or in the manual that says it supports dual channel memory. You're not getting confused with DDR DIMM (Double Data Rate, Dual Inline Memory Module) and dual channel memory are you? They are two different things.
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