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  1. Hi Thanks for the response. Just to update that I managed to get connected eventually - but using the laptop to configure the router (finally got that to work) My pc still stubbornly refuses to recognise that it has a cable plugged in. The is a green led but no orange one. Do you think my onboard lan might be not working? I can now connect wirelessly but it is doing strange things - coming up with address not found a lot, but then when I reload the page it's fine.
  2. Our internet connection stopped working suddenly this week. Checked with our ISP and they say all is fine. Assumed it was our wireless modem/router as had been dropped a few times and was being flaky! Went out to get a new modem/router (Netgear DGN2000) assuming all would be fine. The modem boots up and has all the right lights, but we cannot get the setup to work - the wizard cannot find the router, even though it is plugged in by cable to the back of the pc (tried on desktop and laptop with same results.) When trying to connect to the router's default ip address in intern
  3. I did use the name and the IP number. Same response.
  4. Yes, used the same lead and phone line. Tried to ping Google - response timed out. Can't remember if I ping'd
  5. Modem handshakes just like normal. To connect the laptop I simply copied the dial up settings that are on the PC - phone number, user id, other settings all the same. Not tried Hyper Terminal, don't know much about it to be honest, but I used Ping and just kept getting Response Timed Out (tried to ping a number of websites) I've uninstalled and reinstalled and even replaced the modem with one that I know works but with the same result. Haven't tried a registry cleaner so I'll look at that - any recommedations?
  6. Tried the Winsock fix - again, no effect I'm sorry to say!
  7. As an update... Cleared out temp files, cookies etc. Updated and ran Spybot and Adaware. Downloaded and ran Stinger. All clear. System Restore - no effect. Ran sfc /scannow - no problems found. Tried a different modem/phone lead. Aslo installed a different modem. All no good! Duplicated the account settings on a laptop and dialed up and connected fine. So it's not the account or ISP. I'm now at a loss to work out what the problem is. :help:
  8. Hi everybody. Just been round to see a friend of my wife's to try and help them with their pc. They are on dial up with Wanadoo. A couple of weeks ago, their internet connection stopped working. The modem dials and appears to connect, but nothing but 'page cannot be displayed' pages. In outlook express also, cannot send and receive mail - get Socket error 10060 messages which I beleive to be time out messages. Tried a Ping or two from command prompt and either got 'Request Timed Out' or 'Host Unreachable'. As far as I can see, their settings are correct. Tried
  9. Hi Ax, nice to see you! Sadly don't get here very often nowadays and post even less. GD has always been a great place to visit. It has also suffered from some bad tempers and heated arguments. It is difficult for the Mods to be everywhere and read all the posts. Perhaps if the regular users were to report certain posts to the Mods and let the Mods handle things, rather than responding to those posts in the open forum, things wouldn't get out of hand. In another forum I visit, posts that are considered rude/insulting/flaming are simply deleted on sight by the Mods. It may be
  10. Different people, different opinions! I use Firefox all the time, and much prefer it over IE. I suppose my advice would be that it does no harm to try. Install FF and see how you get on with it. IF it's for you, then great, if not, simply uninstall and carry on using IE. Personally, I find it quicker in some circumstances, easy to customise, good with downloads and I love tabbed browsing, rather than lots of different windows. Avant is also a good browser that I used to use a lot too.
  11. Agreed - Of course memory usage with be through the roof if you have that many tabs open! I'd like to see a screen shot of a task manager on a pc with 307 IE windows open and see how much memory was required! That's assuming the PC would still function! As a test, I just opened 4 IE windows and Firefox with 4 tabs. Total memory used by FF is approx 28,700 k. For the 4 IE windows it is approx 67,700 k! So which one is the memory hog again?! I think FF is great. I have also used Avant, which I also liked, but I'm not sure if Avant is a complete standalone, or if it is built on IE - m
  12. OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!! All sorted. It was a problem with my ISP, NTL, and their servers. Finally got through to tech support who gave me a proxy address to use and Bob's your uncle, I have access to the site!!! I want to say a big thank you to those that helped me, especially chopdoc. I really appreciate your help and support with this. Have a :beer: on me. I would buy you a real one if I could!
  13. essexboy - who's your ISP? Chopdoc - nothing so far. NTL's online tech couldn't resolve. I need to put a call into their helpline apparently (boy, can't wait ) and waiting on the HJT guys to have a look at my log. This is really bugging me! Why is it only this one website (it seems) that is affected?!
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