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  1. It sadly appears that many others can not make that distinction. I agree that the bombing will carry on. We see evidence of that in Northern Ireland. Despite the peace process, some groups seem unable to embrace the future and want to keep their feet firmly in the violent past.
  2. As far as the history of the region goes, when did Israel become the Jewish 'homeland'? Are we talking biblical times or are we talking about the events of the 20th century? If the Palestinians did not have a 'homeland', who was living in Palestine before the creation of modern Israel? Were these not 'Palestinians'?
  3. History has proven otherwise, the reason that the Palestinian people are in Israel is that they were kicked out of other Arab nations for violent actions such as terrorism. If the Jews were to leave, the violence would be shifted to another target nation, likely Saudi Arabia. But why should the Jews be the ones to leave, it is OUR homeland, if it is necessary fo any group to leave, it WILL be the Palestinians. Of course my statements on Arabs and Jews were generalizations, I have already stated this several times, I went on the assumption that people had 'common sense' and would realiz
  4. http://www.islamfortoday.com/harun02.htm Z10N, the problem I have with what you posted is that the assumption is that all Muslims are extremist/fundamentalists. I take a different view that the majority want to live peaceful lives and couldn't care less if you are a Muslim, Jew or Christian. Sadly, it is those who shout the loudest and stir the most hate that get the headlines that fuel the belief that all Muslims either are terrorists or will be terrorists. I simply cannot believe that. It seems to me that the root cause of all these problems is a relatively small peace of land in
  5. Actually, I think it's a valid question. We were talking specifically about Israel. Do the extremists want to destroy ALL Jews, all over the world, or are they only concerned with getting rid of Israel and reclaiming their 'holy' land?
  6. It's all brutal. However one is condemned (I don't see anyone here applauding the suicide bombers - it is abhorrant) and the other is supported politically and financially.
  7. I don't really 'get' the Israeli settlers in Gaza and other places. Why would you want to live in a place that you know, just accross the divide, are some people who will gladly blow themselves up to kill you and your family, because you are on their land? Kind of like going up to a field with a mad bull in it and waving a red rag while sticking your tongue out and saying ner ner ner. You shouldn't be surprised if the bull charges. I don't pretend to fully know the ins and outs of the history of this conflict. I've gotten more insight recently with threads like this and some excel
  8. I'm a little confused about why this thread is being seen as some kind of attack on America. I thought it was an attack on the government of Israel! I don't think anyone is saying that what the terrorists do is right. But just because they are not right, it does not automatically follow that what Israel does is right. There is guilt on both sides of this conflict and the blood of innocent lives is on the hands of Palestinian and Israeli extremists alike. I've said it before and I will say it again. The only way to achieve peace in the middle east is through dialogue. Years of vi
  9. Personally, the only potatoes I will eat are liberal ones that have hugged trees. Those other, right wing spuds just leave a sour taste in the mouth! Only kidding. I do sometimes eat right wing spuds, but only if I agree with their position on individual issues! Got to be real. No comparison. Instant mash makes me feel sick. A friend of mine had someone in their university hall of residence who had never been away from home before and never had to cook for themselves before. They wanted to make mashed potatoes but didn't know how. They didn't know you physically had to mas
  10. I suppose I'm a liberal in the way the term is defined. I vote for the Liberal Democrats most of the time. I know the term is used differently over there compared to here. The funny thing is that in the UK the Liberal party used to sit between the Tories and Labour (right and left wing respectively) The way 'New' Labour has shifted towards the centre, The Liberals are now further to the left of the political spectrum. You guys in the states have never really had a left wing political movement have you? To Bruce and others who don't like the labelling - that's fine. I also
  11. I don't watch anime much but it's not for lack of trying. My problem is that if I ever try and watch anything like that I get 'why are you watching kids programmes' and 'surely there's something better on' etc from she who must be obeyed and the channel quickly gets changed! (I am SO under the thumb!) There is also the fact that there is not a great deal of it on over here so there's not much opportunity to watch. We get DB, DBZ & DBGT which I do really like. I've also seen a few episodes of The Big O which I enjoyed and a few of Outlaw Star which were quite fun. I actually q
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