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  1. Haven't been here in an age, and come back to something so lovely. She's beautiful.
  2. Hi all. Haven't been around much at all for ages. Nice to see some familiar faces still hanging around! Not looking forward to Christmas for the first time ever I think. Life has turned completely upside down for me this year - sad, as I love Christmas normally. But I'm not not wanting to be a humbug around such festive cheer! So, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful 2007.
  3. Ah yes, but you missed the bit about UP TO 90 days, and judicial review every 7 days. Things I think the people in Guantanamo Bay would be rather pleased to have! I'm kind of glad the 90 days was defeated. But extending up to 28 days? Thin end of the wedge? One pertinent argument was that the police and government kept referring back to the London bombings in July as an example of the kind of attrocity that these powers could prevent. However were any of those bombers arrested and then released? IIRC the answer is no. There's no point having the ability to keep someone locked up for 90 days if you don't have the intelligence information to arrest them in the first place. One more thought - who foots the bill for the compensation claims for wrongful imprisonment for 28 days (let alone 90 days?)
  4. This is a real tough one. Being liberal minded, the idea does not sit comfortably with me, however, these are difficult times and we face new threats in our lives. The problem with the argument aginst 90 days is twofold. First, there is the nightmare 'what if' scenario. What if a suspected terrorist is held for 14 days and then released because the police have not had enough time to gather enough evidence to charge them. What if a week later they blow up a tube train and kill 100 people? Second, if 90 days is too much, what is acceptable? 14 days? 28 days? etc When does it move from being acceptable to unacceptable? Surely any length of time being imprisoned without charge is unacceptable? The government say that this new power will only be used very sparingly, in exceptional circumstances and emphasise that this is UP TO 90 days, not automatically 90 days and that it subject to Judicial review every 7 days. However, the worry is that this new power would be used predominantely with the Muslim community (in the same way that it would be used with the Irish community if we were 20 years ago) which will only serve to further fuel the resentment in some communities. Surely we should be building bridges, not driving wedges in deeper? I remain undecided.
  5. Have you tried Importing mail from within Outlook Express? Choose import from stored directory or something similar and point to where your backup folder was. Actually, try this site for some instructions - see if it helps.
  6. Check on ebay for all the copycat auctions! This could be the start of something ridiculous!
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