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    2x 80gb maxtor HDD, Palit 7900gs-sli oced to 680mhz clock 1670 mhz memory , Pentium D 820 oced 3.8ghz stable , 1024mb corsair xms ddr2 800,P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe
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  1. p5n32-sli se - have had no problems with it what-so-ever and overclocks pretty decently and the thing which i love the most is the dual x16 pci-e slots which add up to x32 woooo!!, a nd has a very nice layout with reports of it supporting the qx6700 too bad synical didnt get the se version
  2. anyway if my max resolution is 1600x1200 isnt that hd anyway
  3. i have set it at 1600x1200 and the picture is in no way squashed and i when i went to 1920x1080 it wasnt squashed either (i did have to mess with the screen position but that was it and i have just managed to play the transformers 1080p trailer and i must say it is beautiful and it wouldnt play on my default setting of 1280x1024
  4. so i have made my very old 1990 packard bell crt monitor with full 1080p hd with just a few simple mouse clicks, if iso why dont people do it then to unlock there monitors true potential
  5. here are the pics proving i have done it http://www.freewebs.com/psychosnipa/pics.htm
  6. hey everyone i was wondering if i have actually made my monitor hd i have set it at 1920x1080 which is hd 1080p but is it really hd here is my monitor specs http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=EKP7FWE03BWSYYDJ its a very old monitor which i could only set the resolution up to 1280x1024 but my previous results said that it supports up to 1600x1200 so i managed to set it at that so i accidently clicked on the 1920x1080 resolution at 60hz and it worked i was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell so i quadruple checked it and i checked it at pcpitstop test and it was 1920x1080 so
  7. i think that sounds like an extremely good system if you have any more money i would probably go with some water cooling like the bigwater 745 liquid cooling system for overclocking to 3.2ghz and beyond and i would go for the 8800gtx with the water cooling block for some nice overclocking
  8. it wasnt that hard all i did was solder some wire 2 pins 55-56 and put a 10k resistor in the middle and that was it i managed to overclock it through cpufsb
  9. well thanks guys i will be gettin the geforce 7950gx2 its a hell of a card so i will be gettin that i might even oc it to get every last drop of power i got some more money so i will be gettin that 1
  10. thanks for the help i now that a 7600gs is bye no means a top of the range card and im thinkin of gettin a new onemy price range is up to £300 ($450)
  11. hi every1 i just got a new computer its a packbard bell pentium d 3.2ghz dual core 2gb RAM, geforce 7600gs 512mb, 400gb hard drive. i was wondering if i will be able to play fear and oblivion i dont care if its at low settings but i want to see if i can run it and also wat g-card should i get for it to play oblivian at decent settings
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!! it feckin worked instead of doing all that crap i just connected pin 55 with pin 54 and hey presto it feckin worked i mean OMG it worked i tested it out on cpufsb and its running at 3.59ghz this ROCKS i mean F#*K yeh WOOOOOOOOOT i think im havin an orgy lol and the temperture is only 45 degrees on idle and 60+ degrees on load
  13. does it mean i have to connect the wires to the jumpers like because i have 2 extra jumpers which i dont know what they do should i connect the wires to these
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