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  1. If you received a check last spring or summer, You will note the amount on a worksheet as part of your 2008 tax return--but only to prevent you from getting the $600 twice. (Individuals who got less than $600 have a second chance at getting the money.) The error is generated by some mismatched figure. It could be generated by mismatched numbers on a 1040EZ form and W2 OR The error they received is as I stated but maybe confused last year with 2008 rather than 2007. Check your copy of last year's tax return. Look for the amount in the adjusted gross income line on your 1040 (line 37), 1040A (line 21), or 1040EZ (line 4). If you amended your return, use the AGI filed with your original return prior to any adjustments. If you did not file jointly last year and you are this year, enter the amount for each of you as shown on your individual returns. And yes I have my facts straight other than the Stimulus thing so tried to clarify that. I just may have explained it poorly. I hate accounting which is why my profession is MIS instead of (god forbid) accounting because eventhough I have a minimal accounting background, I still hate it and run as far away as possible from it.
  2. The problem is that the total of all of your W2 forms from your your employers if you have more than 1, does not equal your AGI-adjusted gross income that you entered on your tax form. This must match or you will get that error when you file. The IRS has a copy of your W2 that was sent to them by your employer(s) and that number does not match the number you gave them via your 1040. Last years return has nothing to do with this error. They match your number with your employers numbers to verify the return. Also, I believe that your stimulus amount from last year and state refund is probably included in that number also, if I remember correctly. The stimulus checks ARE taxable income. I wish they did not use that as the way to check because I would cut my income in half on my 1040 and get nice tasty refund.
  3. Without giving away any personal info, maybe you can tell us what the exact error is and the exact way/reason or error code your getting and I can try and get a fast answer for you on how to fix it.
  4. Check your Firewall settings and see if the print server/printer are in the Trusted Zone. If not then the network cannot see it.
  5. Due to current economic conditions, I was forced to cut my SPELL CHECKER to part time status and today was 1 of her many days off.
  6. You must purchase TurboTax every year for the year you are filing your taxes. Last years version will only update last years forms and program etc but will not give you the current years forms. After you install this years program you need to import last years info to this years via the built in transfer utility otherwise all your files from last year will be read-only and will need to be all re entered. TurboTax also created a mess with tranferring state returns this year for about half the US and made a major mess for accountants using turboTax. Why half the US, I/They have no clue but I have a good idea what happenned. If you have trouble tranferring files, I created a work around to somewhat fix it. I assist several accountants with TurboTax for 100's of returns and created a fix because Intuit has not up to now that I know of. Let me know if you have trouble tranferring/importing prior years info into this years info. With the personal edition you get 1 E-Filing fed and 1 with the state that you buy. If you want more, You pay more. If you order 100 or more e filings, I believe they are like $5 each and you order them when you buy your new TurboTax online. The store retail versions are not for Tax preparers. PS. I used the new head of the IRS version of TurboTax and I don't have to pay any taxes.
  7. If you have wireless, tell her that you must have a new wireless laptop to put all that wonderful new ram into and she can then take the laptop outside, on the porch, in a tree, down the block, in the basement etc all without any wires. And with the new ram, the laptop will be so fast while she's working wireless. It works everytime.
  8. The default size is set in such a way as to allow for proper rendering on all monitors. An LCD flat type screen is different that a CRT round face tube type display and older displays are yet again different. So they use a pre-configured default to so that pages can display the best way possible on all displays. However, this does not mean that pages will actually display correctly on all monitors. Hope that makes sense.
  9. And if you would like to find out what each service is actually for, you can go here to get some detailed information. Windows Services
  10. In line 8, add the % sign to each numer ie 5%,10%,15% etc. Then remove the % sign in your formula from =C7-(C7*C8%) to =C7-(C7*C8). This will then work. You just had the signs in the wrong cells and Excel gets confused when you do this.
  11. You cannot. The owners manual states that the Ethernet jack and the USB connections on the front and the back are for future use. They are not functional yet as of today 1-19-2009, unless I missed something. To use the DVR, you must have 2 separate lnb leads from your dish connected to the DVR box or you cannot use the DVR feature. I'm using the best DTV DVR box available and have not found a hack to enable the ethernet or USB ports. As far as your ethernet jacks in your house, if the wiring is in the walls, you just connect one end to your router or modem and then connect you computers via the other jacks.
  12. Yes. You need to go to the boot menu under hard drives and not the boot order menu. A flash drive will show up there. Move it to 1 or 2 in the hard D list and then in the boot order menu you can choose it or place it at #1 where you normally see the floppy drive.
  13. You might need to check the total sent and received by your system. The ISPs have set a Max speed which is divided between all users on your network. If you are only using 1 computer, it is possible that a hidden program from that prior virus is using your bandwidth or sharing it/stealing it from you. If your running a bit torrent, then you will be sharing your upload speed with the torrent and the torrent usually gets priority. If your sure that nothing is sharing your bandwidth, then try resetting your modem/router and see if this helps. Use the windows connection wizard to set up the connection and do not use any ISP software for the connection. This will allow maximum speed. You do not need any install disk from any ISP to set up your connection. These install CDs are only a means to install helper/malware and are rarely usefull to the customer and can do all kinds of strange things. If you install win XP with no SP's, then install SP1 first and then SP3. Do not try to install SP3 on a winXP no SP's installation or windows will crawl at an awfully sloooow speed.
  14. Looks like Intel is working on USB 3.0 open source for Linux, to be available soon in 2009. Intel Developers Demo USB 3.0 Throughput on Linux USB 3.0 and Linux Now if only a HD could write info this fast. Stay tuned, this WILL be great.
  15. If your only using 1 drive and not setting up any type of Raid then you would set the controller in BIOS to SATA and not RAID. There should be 3 settings for the controller that you have the HD plugged into. SATA, RAID or disabled and possibly IDE. Set it to SATA and then restart and install windows. The extra drivers that you got to put on the floppy are for using 2 or more drives setup as RAID and none of those extra drivers should be needed for 1 drive.
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