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  1. Get a program called 'Rip Vinyl' for about $8 online. This program was origionally designed for converting vinyl Lps to digital format on a computer. I have used this this program for about 3 years now and to this day have found no better software for converting ALL types of analog music to a file on your computer. The name is misleading because this $8 program can and will capture vinyl, cassettes, 8-Track tape, radio stations or any other music type that you can connect via RCA jacks into your computer. You can buy an adaptor for converting a headphone jack to 2 RCA jacks. This program will allow you to create a file for each tape, set transfer and bit rate speed and can also in most cases detect when to break the file and start a new one when one song ends and a new song begins. (otherwise you'll have 1 long file with the entire cassette on it). The quality that I have achieved from converting vinyl records to digital far exceeds the quality provided by a commercial CD. Digital Cd's have yet to provide the rich depth and quality that an amplified vinyl record does unless you purchase some pricey computer components to achieve similar quality. The software has advanced features for almost total elimination of any noise associated with the older turntables. After the file is captured, you can then convert this file to any file type of your choosing for a CD or Mp3 etc. The company will also provide updates as released for this program at no cost. This program can only be D/L'd online, I have never seen anything like it in any stores. Even my Nero6 Ultra is not capable of capturing music files like the Rip Vinyl program. This IS NOT an advertisement for software. Its the best and only program that I have found for performing the conversion that you're seeking.
  2. 80% of all the COWS in the world are owned by SIR T. O_o
  3. Really???? When your car runs out of gas, your lights and heat goes off, you no longer have a computer, food is rationed and no other country has gotten near the US, you might think differently. After the rest of the world kills each other because nobody was there to stop the evil dictators from enslaving their people or their are no imports or products to trade in the world. Are you willing to give up everything you have here and your quality of life just to stay out of the worlds buisness???? North Korea is a good example of what can happen to a country when everone stays out of their buisness. Do a little research on the quality of life in NK. No human being should ever be required to put up this shameful treatment. Someone needs to assist the people of the world that cannot help themselves and the US is the only country that understands this concept and also has the power and finacial strength to change it.
  4. Unfortunatly our president promised not to call for a draft so there's about a 0% chance that one will be called in the next 4 years. Right or wrong , GWB learned from his father. When Bush senior said "No new taxes" and then raised taxes, causing him to lose the election against Hillary C., his son will not make this mistake, which guarantees no draft. One big question that still boggles my mind is how can any country such as those in the middle east EVER become peaceful. The majority of people want a democracy and a handful of thugs wish to rule the country and control all wealth. This is not a religious belief but a money and power grab. There can be no peace until these countries are ruled by the people, for the people in the best interests of the people. Forcing your people to eat grass in North K. as the tradeoff for having a strong military is NOT in the best interest of the great citizens of NK. The opportunity cost in NK for this action is having no economy whatsoever. The fact of the matter is that if NK gets too big for their britches, China, Japan and the US would crush them like a bug. The world will never tolerate the aftermath of any nuclear action between the US and NK because the fallout would effect 100times as many people outside of NK than whithin. NK does nothing for the world economy and contributes nothing but problems to the rest of the world. China, japan and South K would never give up the huge trillion $$$ trade with the US and the rest of the world. So seriously, how many people actually belive that NK is a threat to anyone other than their own people? The innocent people of NK will pay the ultimate price for any action that the dictator in NK takes. the people have been blocked from the entire world for many years and only know what their dictator allows them to hear.
  5. Manpower in numbers in this millenium is a non-issue and its irrelevant. Hand to hand combat is a thing of the past and will only be seen in history books. In todays wars the troops are lucky to even see the enemy. If we were to go to war with a country such as China we would fight strategicly with our advanced weapons and would never have the need to match the Chinese in quantity of troops. Since everyone has been worried about a draft, reality is starting to take shape. The Dems have been fighting to keep recruiters off campus. They now are fighting to make private, all information about kids in high school, which is a joke since 99% of people freely give away all information about every aspect of their life. Contrary to the belief of many, the minute you step off of your private property and onto public property via by foot car etc. your buisness now becomes the publics buisness. If you don't believe it, just look at all the laws that you must abide by and follow which indirectly makes your life public. The big kicker today is the ill conceived notion by the Dems to make a draft unconstitutional. (only a Dem could think up such a thing) This proposal is in its infant stage and in the next few weeks you will hear much more about this. If something like this is passed, we are guaranteed to have a draft again because nobody would enlist and the government would be required to call for a draft. The provision to call for a draft in an emergency would be part of this new bill. The ONLY people that have talked about a draft in the last year has been the Dems. The only proposals for a draft has been from the Dems. If your worried about a draft, then send a message to your Dem representative and tell them the cut the BS and knock off the games. They already lost the election and if this keeps up, within 4 or 8 years, the Reps will have over a 70% majority in the house and senate and the Dems will become only a part of history.
  6. Also the software must be written to take advantage of the 64bit CPU otherwise it will act like a CPU in 32 bit mode.
  7. The only way to get rid of it is to reformat and then do a clean install of winXP from the update CD and inserting your ME CD when prompted.
  8. Actually their antics are PRO buisness and they are just trying to protect their investment. If so many people were not trying to steal software all the time then we would'nt have this problem. The real people that are ANTI-buisness are all the people complaining about problems when activating illegal software. if all companies gave out thir product for free, then we woul'nt have any buisnesses or they would all go out of buisness. People that follow the law and the rules legitematly rarely experience any problems and have very few complaints.
  9. You'll need to set spysweeper to ignore the media player and/or files. Should be in advanced settings.
  10. Check the connection cable. Make sure it is in secure and tight. Maybe try reversing it and tighten it.
  11. In many cases, the default program is the only one that can acess the drive for a dvd or other functions, otherwise you may get errors.
  12. In most cases with an older system you will need to update the Bios to get the drives to switch from pio to dma or ultra dma. without certain chipset drivers, windows will only allow them to be configured in pio mode. Check the MB manufacturer for updated bios and read the white paper for the upgrade to see if it fixes this issue on your MB.
  13. I bought the Corsair PC5400 XMS2 (2x512) and have no complaints whatsoever. On an Intel system anyways.
  14. Some program may have set itself as the default program to play dvds. Try the nero player and set the nero plyer to play all files and see if it now works.
  15. Here, read thru this. I believe that pin is missing on some CPUs. Its a low power something or other and it should work without a problem. Intel Celeron pins
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