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  1. did all of this including flushing flash cache (say that 3 x fast!) and still no go
  2. This is part of what Ookla gives you when you click on the license expired link. The Overdrive tests do not complete. The stand alone internet speed test (same Ookla app) it works fine. The app at the end of the Overdrive test has been warning of the app expiring for about 2 weeks. Partial Ookla text below. troubleshooting [Ookla Documentation][[troubleshooting]] Ookla Documentation −Table of Contents Troubleshooting Expired License Wrong License Invalid License Configuration Load Failed Missing License Key Download Error Upload Error Latency Error Daily Limit Exceeded Java Failure Server UnreachableTroubleshootingBelow are error messages one might see if an installation is not configuredproperly. Potential reasons and solutions are also provided for each possibleerror message.Expired LicenseThe license for this Speedtest® has expired.Please contact the webmaster of this site to let them know.The license key thathas been loaded by the Speedtest® (found in the settings file on the server) isnot valid due to the expiration date being passed. You will need to contactOokla to make sure that your account is current and you have your most recentlicense key.
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