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  1. I just did the System Restore CleanUp, then I went to the PC Pitstop for another test and there still this "Junk files 2184 MB (3%) " this is in driver "C" Optimazer cannot get rid of that, it's just not doing what it say to do It's late now, I will come back tomorow. However, thanks a lot for your time. Uly7
  2. Thanks for your timeHow can clean the System Restore Files? I know that this question is not related to Optimazer, so if you don't want to ansqwr it's fine Thanks again for the time. Uly7
  3. I did what the link said to do, so I hope you can see it. You can see that it read that I have like 2gigs of junk files, and thats one of the reasons that I bought Optimazer, and it didn't clean it up. Thanks for your help Uly7
  4. Thank you for your answer and time However, I misspell one word. My question should be: How can I improve the “uncached speed” in “G” drive? Thanks Uly7
  5. How can I make Optimazer to "scan" my "G" hard drive? Optimazer internet fix tools, are gray-out Why? And, can Optimazer increase the "cahe" leval in "G" drive, or I have to do it myself? If I have to do it myself, how can I do this? Thanks Uly7
  6. Where is the Optimazer forum? I register and now I cannot find it. Thanks
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