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  1. Ok i've tried the virus scanner but it didn't find anything. i also removed B's Clip and did a check for spyware using Ad-Aware pro and spybot. someone please help me find something b4 i stick this thing in the dishwasher
  2. "Do you know what this program is? C:\PROGRA~1\B'SCLI~1\Win2K\BSCLIP.exe" B's Clip is a progam that came with my CD burner. It hasn't given me any problems or anything cause it was one of the first programs i installed. But for my computer's sake, i will go ahead and delete this since i dont use it much. I'm gonna try scanning the system and updating Ad-aware and Spybot to see if it helps any.
  3. This PC has not given me any problems ever since the first day i built it but now its been acting up and starting to me off. I've tried defragging, spyware removal, scanning my hdd for problems, running Sandra, and all that good stuff but it doesn't do anything. Most of the software that is running in the background did not have any problems before this ever happened. Everytime i go to launch a software, even something small as wordpad, the CPU usage meter would jump to 100%. Wat use to take 3 seconds to load is now taking 10. Someone please help me return this thing back to normal. Thanks.
  4. As Slinger- i sent it to the address: [email protected] yeah i use dialup and i signed on to aol 3 times. i dont see how dial-up could use a new number everytime i log on because i only have one number. is my ip address suppose to change? i thought my computer only has one could it be possible someone else is using my account (for the pit or aol)?
  5. thanks volt i did the scan today and my system is clean. but the problem still persists though. i hope having 2 ips wont lead to a potentially big problem or somthing. how the heck did i get two anyways
  6. HammerSlammer- yeah im still using aol unfortunately. what's PM? how would i go about doing what you said? i use systemsuite 4.0 and my virus scanner is up-to-date. i did a complete scan of my system for viruses but it didn't find any. do you have the link to panda or housecall? i am going to try a scan from there and see if it finds anything.
  7. Ok I just decided to login today and this message appeared in the login screen: Sorry, an error occured. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board Then, I sent a message to Pitstop asking why this is happening and this was the reply: Contacting PC Pitstop This account is no longer active. If you need to contact PC Pitstop, please read the information on this page carefully: http://
  8. here's my computer: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...X0HWWG84NKSPB6B are my C and D drives a partition? what program do i use to make another partition for games and stuff? when i bought my computer, i didn't get an xp cd to go along with it, so i hope i wont have to reinstall xp or anything like that.
  9. hey everybody im using xp home ed right now and i only have about 15.9gb on my C drive while 58.5gb is just sittin around in my D drive. i heard about partitioning, but how do i use it to get more gb for my C drive? are there any potential dangers? thanks
  10. ok thanks guys. i was kinda hoping if i ran more than one, it would be like a triple layer firewall or something making it harder for hackers to get through
  11. is it ok to have more than one firewall running? i currently have NetDefense from SystemSuite 4.0
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