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  1. Sold out before I got to the front of the line. Called all other stores in the area, but same bad news.
  2. Best Buy (not my favorite retailer) had a Compaq for the same $$ but only online, and already sold out. Not sure I'll find another of the same quality for the same price. That's why I'm looking for quick input, and I thank you for yours.
  3. Looking for quick opinions (being only one day sale) on this. Wanting an easy transport type laptop, and the netbooks look like what I need. But does the model look kinda good for the $$ listed? http://shopping.dallasnews.com/ROP/ads.asp...04119&type=
  4. dickster


    Why is the guys right leg hidden by the wolves tail? Where is the guys left arm? Surely he can't be holding up a monster like that with just the one arm. Shadow from the left leg but not the right?
  5. I can't really help you on that, as I am not a network guru. I just searched out the problem you listed and found that link. Sorry.
  6. Does this help, maybe... http://www.visualwin.com/Log-in/logging-failed-logins.html
  7. Are you now trying to use this, or still using the wireless and just looking around? If still using the wireless there may be a conflict with the onboard ethernet.
  8. Download the drivers from here and extract to a temp folder. http://www.xpvistaworld.com/realtek_rtl816...dis_6_0_958.htm Go into device manager and click driver>update driver. Lead it to that folder and let it install.
  9. Any old abandoned air strips that can be converted to a drag strip? Maybe owners might be willing to allow you to use it if you and the others chip in on insurance and upgrades to make it happen. Just a thought, as thats what we did way back in the 60's. But ours was a paved road to an abonded quarry.
  10. We wouldn't try that with the bikes I used to ride,
  11. As stated, I do understand what you have been saying. I fully agree that they have been lax in addressing this issue. But maybe now something will get done to resolve it. We can hope!
  12. Was a joke my friend. I understand what you are upset over, and agree Stanford should address the issue. My watercooling is done due to Texas heat, and not folding.
  13. Yes we did. To all those that gave a click, you have my thanks! But to all, seems there will be a new challenge this coming month. I ask that you check for it, and add your daily click. We can make a difference. My thanks to all.
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