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  1. Well, my PPD is back up a bit. Just got my RMA back on the GTX 780. They had to upgrade it a bit. Sent me a GTX 780Ti SC card. PPD jumped a good bit. But from now on, as my GPUs die, I will be shutting down folding on those rigs. I just can't afford to be replacing hardware just for folding. I have a couple old AMD cards sitting on the shelf that don't fold well. (Driver issues) I'll be putting those back in as my Nvidia cards die, but not even gonna try folding with them. So as the cards die, expect my value to the team to drop.
  2. Gave up on cpu folding since my water cooling died out on me. But still GPU fold. Been upgrading with EVGA B stock cards when I save enough $$. They come with a 1 year warranty.
  3. My GTX 780 fried. Was on my other pc when I heard that one die. Tried restarting but nothing, and smelled something burned. Was coming from the vid card. Now back to my old GTX 650Ti until I rma this gpu. PPD will be back down for a while.
  4. Picked up an EVGA b-stock GTX 970 that seems to be doing pretty good. Nice to see all these old names still posting.
  5. Haven't been here in a while. This is the first I've heard about Roger passing. Very sad news. I'm happy I had the chance meet him. RIP Roger.
  6. Not sure how to put up an image from my pc.
  7. Was great to finally meet a long time forum friend and his better half. Roger and Karen are very nice people that I hope to get to know better. Thanks for stopping by today. I'll be by your place soon.
  8. Back up and folding on a couple rigs, but doubt I'll get back to where I was. On all linux now with AMD vid cards. Seems AMD isn't putting out decent drivers for Linux, and I'm not going to buy the high priced nvidia cards just for folding. So PPD is going to suffer.
  9. Such sad news. He was a big help to me many times. R.I.P. I_G
  10. Does the machine have one or 2 sticks of ram? If 2, you can try 1 stick at a time. What ram is it?
  11. Also check the RAM. A bad stick of memory could cause it to shut down.
  12. Check this out, Guns. It should help. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/get-rid-windows-10-upgrade-notification-windows-7-8/
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