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  1. I don't know who the "culprit" is, but someone seems to be folding under my name. All of a sudden my PPD has shot up a good bit. It was never this high. Whoever it is, THANKS
  2. As you have probably seen, my PPD has dropped a bit and will probably be dropping much lower. I just don't have the time or funds to maintain my pc's right now. I have hesitated to post anything about this, hoping things would improve. But it's not happening. On June 7th my wife suffered a serious stroke. She has almost no use of her right arm, and only a bit more from the right leg. Also, very little speech. She spent almost 4 months in a hospital and skilled nursing facility. She has only gained back a small percent of her lost mobility and communication. I was able to bring her
  3. Not trying to cause a problem, but wouldn't it have been better to allow team members to voice their opinions on the name change? Me personally, I was happy with the old name. Been folding under that name for many years. JMHO
  4. Tx is right. The 1660 is the best and newest. After that the 1060 is also pretty good. Only ones I bought new is the 1660 (stimulus check) and the 650 ti about 7 years ago. The 970 was a b stock from evga. The 1060 I got off facebook.
  5. The cards seem to be folding very nice. GTX 1660 GTX 1060 GTX 970 GTX 650 ti
  6. UPDATE: Finally got it running. Nothing else worked so I started playing with the opencl settings. It is now folding.
  7. I've rebooted, uninstalled [email protected] and reloaded. Paused and restarted dozens of times. Still no WU. Get one for the cpu no problem, but not the gpu.
  8. I remember that post well. Jill is the sister of a member here. Glad to see you've hung around. So many come and go, s it's nice to see some stay.
  9. Thanks for the info, Guns. Set it but no work unit yet. BTW.. Good to see you back folding for Pitstp again.
  10. Not sure when I first started folding. It was just a month or two after pitstop first posted about it. MANY years ago.
  11. Not sure how to set it in Linux
  12. You fold for years. You dedicate 4 computers to folding. They sit idle waiting for work units. Why bother if they can't hold up their end??
  13. Well, my PPD is back up a bit. Just got my RMA back on the GTX 780. They had to upgrade it a bit. Sent me a GTX 780Ti SC card. PPD jumped a good bit. But from now on, as my GPUs die, I will be shutting down folding on those rigs. I just can't afford to be replacing hardware just for folding. I have a couple old AMD cards sitting on the shelf that don't fold well. (Driver issues) I'll be putting those back in as my Nvidia cards die, but not even gonna try folding with them. So as the cards die, expect my value to the team to drop.
  14. Gave up on cpu folding since my water cooling died out on me. But still GPU fold. Been upgrading with EVGA B stock cards when I save enough $$. They come with a 1 year warranty.
  15. My GTX 780 fried. Was on my other pc when I heard that one die. Tried restarting but nothing, and smelled something burned. Was coming from the vid card. Now back to my old GTX 650Ti until I rma this gpu. PPD will be back down for a while.
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