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  1. Was gonna go for 'undergarment'. . . . . . . . . . .but I'll stick with. . . . . . . . . . . . Chestnut
  2. yup! Certainly one for Admin to discuss at their next all expenses paid jaunt to Hawaii.
  3. I'm located. . . .I think!
  4. I wasn't implying that a browser swap was necessary. If a phone can browse the net then it is a fair assumption that it can also download third party applications. Opera is very forward thinking and has mini versions for virtually all mobile OS. I still use my embedded browser for secure browsing eg. Banking or net purchasing. Opera allows faster browsing due to intelligent cacheing on its servers as does firefox, Tshark and UCWeb, however , I must reiterate, I would not use any of these browsers for secure work either working on a mobile device or PC.
  5. Interesting topic guys. I use my N95 for all my media needs and as a former PC user. I was aware of the potential threat. I tried a few symbian AV's and finally settled for F-Secure which gives me full security auto updated and a fully configurable firewall. I estimate the chance of attack is less than that of linux attacks, however,forwarned is forarmed.
  6. You can see what I use to surf the net. I suggest you download opera mini 4. Change opera settings to mobile view and I guarantee that you will be able to reach 'The Pit' anywhere,anytime!
  7. Thanks Pale....That is really appreciated! new wall and Tobias gets to have a rest ......fast becoming an "old timer"
  8. ....one small step for Kylie.....one giant stride for "Pitstop..kind!!!
  9. If you are going to format and clean install, make sure that you have a Win98/WimME installation disk if you are using the XP "upgrade" version, as XP setup WILL ask you to insert it during setup to confirm that you qualify for using the "upgrade version"!. If you only have a "Dell re-installation disk", then to clean install you will need the full XP version.
  10. Buy a new cheap mouse and try that, it may be the mouse is on its way out.
  11. Hello SOG..... your system looks good to me . What you could do is to open your task manager and then bring up the "processes" window. Make a note of all the running programs that are in the blue and grey area of your test results, see what memory usage they are taking up and decide if you could disable some and start them manually eg msnsgs.exe and MsgPlus.exe. This would free up resources(don't disable any in the green area, tho! ). The Nv driver helper service is not needed, I suggest you disable that in services. This service will be enabled each time you upgrade your Nv drivers!.
  12. I know what is in a skate wing...BUT...do you know what is in your pies
  13. Skate....Doof....Skate!!..Is there anything else?
  14. .....sorry Keith, nuttin' to do with me....I've only just got back from the "chippie"...It must be Tobias a dancin' on me keyboard agin!!
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