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  1. I'll leave you guys to it. I'll resurrect the other thread at the appropriate time . . . Beat the kiwis eh!. . Congrats Andrew.
  2. I had an e mail from me ol' mate volt a couple of months ago, he was OK. Ya gotta remember and I should know, sometimes there is more to life than the 'Pit'.
  3. just let me know rev-roy. I shall be here
  4. no speeding tickets issued that day!
  5. well, I used to work in a bar and I DO have time on my hands!
  6. Tobias says he will be here forever and so will I. Critters an' all. So much space and so few people. . . heaven!. . :smile:
  7. well mouse, me ol' gal, pop in as you pass. Ya never know you and Tobias might hit it off!
  8. come to sunny South Africa we can set up a 'Golden Oldies commune' at my place. 35C today and hotter by the weekend!
  9. need long arms to hug y'all from here but I'm trying real hard!
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