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    Dell pent 4, wds xp. cdrw, intel (R) cpu 2.20GHz 512 MB of RAM
  1. Hi Tomk, I have had a look through the Malware info links. Thanks so much for your help and advice. Regards
  2. Hi Tomk I followed the procedures but had an issue with the combofix instructions. Upon entering the following Click START then RUN Now type ComboFix /Uninstall in the runbox and click OK. A dialogue box opens saying....."Windows cannot find ComboFix.........." - I copied and pasted the text and also tried typing it in case of mistake with the space between X & U. Both ways had the same response. No problems with the Delfix instructions though - log is attached Many thanks Tomk DelFixlog.txt
  3. Hi Tomk, thanks for post PC seems ok, its not really gonna be too quick due to age etc - I may have a look at some of the tips in forum about how to speed up (I may have already done these a long time ago but cant remember) There is a useful post i saw advising deleting previous restore points etc. Ill try some of thos and see how it all goes. Many thanks for your advice though Tomk
  4. Hi Tomk, thanks for the post.... With regards to installing.... I had a graphics card Nvidia which I took out due to driver issues, tried to reinstall a few times but didnt manage it - could be that, or...Samsung mobile phone drivers and KIES application - total; nightmare and another few failed installations. Other than that, AVG updates regularly as does windows..
  5. Hi Tomk, thanks for post. I was sure I had uninstalled Utorrent a while ago - I went to control panel and there was no torrent programs in there. I went to Program files instead and deleted Utorrent files from there. Ran ComboFix - took ages Tomk, it seemed to delete a load of temp files? I have attached the log. Thanks again Tomk Combofix log.txt
  6. Hi Tomk, thanks for the reply. I have run the ESET scan and attached relevant log... log NOTEPAD ESET.txt ESET log.txt
  7. Hi Tomk Apologies for late reply. I have followed the instructions but...JRT will not work, after download it extracts and then open .........System32\cmd.exe nothing happens, I have left it for literally hours and nothing. Press enter or delete then it says "File does not have a program associated with it for permitting this action............" The AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes run fine. I have attached the logs.. Many thanks Tomk AdwCleanerS0.txt mbam-log-2014-04-17 (20-54-05).txt
  8. Hi Tomk Thanks for the reply. I have run Combofix, log is attached. Many thanks log.txt
  9. Hi Could someone please have a quick look over my logs please. My PC seems to be VERY slow indeed, fonts have changed by themselves on Google chrome and AVG Defragment Console has appeared in my list of used programs in START icon - to my knowledge, I havent used it! Its been a while since I accessed Pitstop and I am worried that I may have picked up something nasty. I have run Spybot and various System32 and Registry entries have been removed - I have updated and run Malwarebytes - showed no issues. I have attached DDS logs, here is my HJT log...... Many thanks Logfile o
  10. Hi Tomk Instructions follewd as per your last post. PC seems to be much better now, your a genius!!! Many thanks for your help and advice. Kind regards
  11. Hi Tomk The ESET scan is attached. Many thanks ESET Scan.txt
  12. Hi Tomk Thanks for the post. I have attached the most recent Combo Fix log. log2.txt
  13. Hi Tomk Thanks for the post, I have run Combofix and the log is attached. Utorrent is now deleted! Many thanks log.txt
  14. Hi Guys I have had some serious slow PC issues recently. I am now running a donlge on T-Mobile which is simply awful I thought that would account for my slow and troublesome PC. However, my system was also painfully slow and sluggish performing basic tasks non-net related. I have updated everything to the best of my knowledge, regularly cleaned and scanned with various programs but recently ran a FULL SCAN on Malwarebytes and it picked up pup.bundleinstaller.oi which I then removed. I did search the net for some info on this little sucker and people seem to think that it may still rem
  15. Hi Bill PC is running fine now. Many thanks for your advice and support!! Kind regards Newonnet
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