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  1. How do you remove Beovens.K, Puper, Puper.DB, and TrojanDownloader.Win32.Zlob.ci No antivirus I have can do it, and I'm trying PCPitstops now.
  2. Possibly have the unregistered version of optimize run off the internet like your full scans?
  3. Well, I ran PCPitstops antivirus (I'd imagine it's pretty reliable) along with a completely updated AVG and completely updated Avast, and no Backdoor bot found. Also, I see very little different between my log and my other computers log (Happens to be built the same, it was a backup incase this one ever failed, or incase my sister needed one)
  4. Okay, so I posted an updated version of my HJT log, with this post previously, but it was closed because supposebly I posted it somewhere else (The HJT log that was posted somewhere else was not updated, and I have changed some stuff on my computer, so I'd image the log would be different) I continually get these pop-ups now. Origanally I saw that toolbar 888 was installed, so I uninstalled it as best I could. I'm pretty sure I got rid of it. Now I'm continually getting pop-ups for winantivirus or something, and other pop-ups that look like their from the system telling me that I need to scan now, blah blah, same crap different day. And I had an ad powered by something... I think it was Zebo or something. Anyways, so I ran all my spyware, adware, and antivirus stuff. Nothing found it. I'm no expert at HJT logs, but I don't THINK I saw anything suspitious. If you wish to see my HJT log, just ask. Please help >.<
  5. Okay, well, I talked to my uncle (Thanks to my mom) And, good news, my XP was installed without a pirated copy. It's legit. Bad news though, he still has the CD. One problem solved >.<
  6. I'm not 100% sure, I'm just assuming it's pirated. All I know is he built it for me, and he has all the CD's n all. I'm not able to talk to him, so is there a way I could find out if it was a pirated cd?
  7. My uncle build my computer for me, so my installation CD was a pirated one, AND he has it. I tried using my other computers disk, but it says it's not the right CD. What else can I do? And is there an easy way to get windows defragger back?
  8. Okay, so to start, I new. I kinda know what I'm doing with computers, I mean, I'm not close to a newbie, but I'm far from skilled at them. Anyways, I recently had my internet disconnected (I run off a router, my parents felt I had too poor of grade, so decided to revoke my internet privledges). So, having it disconnects, I uninstalled my router icon, and everything else that had to do with the router. In that time, I have used my parents computers to download games and such that I want, and then transferring them to my computer via what I think is a zip drive. Today, I went to install a program, Warhammer 40000 - Dawn Of War. Of course, I did not buy this, it was downloaded. When I went to install the first part on my computer, I did not read the terms and agreements (Who really does?) and, seeing as it's a game that's sold in a store, I assumed (Stupid me) that it would be clean of a bunch of stuff (Like I said, I'm no newbie, I know spyware n stuff get on that.) So anyways, I then notice that it also installed something called Virtually Jenna or something. Some porn crap. So I uninstalled the unwanted program. I also uninstalled the wanted program. Then, I ran Spybot, Avast, AVG, PestPatrol, and Ad-aware. Nothing new came up. Every one of those is up-to-date. Everything seemed to be running smoothly, but then I decided to play a video file. Wham, problem occurs. My video was running, but my computer had muted the sound on its own, and I could no longer click on anything with an effect. I clicked to exit Windows Media Player, no success. I clicked to open sound control, no success. I pressed the Windows key, nothing. Ctrl+Alt+Del had the same effect. So I could do NOTHING right now. So, I decided to restart my computer. I restart it, everything works normally, but at this point, I could not click on ANYTHING on the taskbar. Everytime I tried, it made that stupid error ping noise that windows makes when you do something wrong, and it wouldn't open the file. I restarted it again. Same problem. I decided to check on my other computer what to do. Someone said to: "Right click on my computer, go to Manage, go to Services and Applications, Services, Find SSDP Discovery, right click, go to properties, and Disable it" So I did that. Volia, seemed like my problem was solved. Later on though, I come back to my computer, same bloody problem. So I checked thinking "Maybe I forgot to hit okay?" So I checked, still disabled. So I wanted to make sure all my stuff was updated. So I rehooked my router, reinstalled it and everything, and updated everything again. Ran everything again, still nothing. But now, my computer freezes every now and then. So, I used PCPitstops scans. Nothing. Well, Nothing new. So I'm started to get annoyed, and looking on the internet. I'm seeing solutions such as "Check the computers heat" Well, mines at 41 degrees. Then they tell me to defrag my computer. Well, I do that alot, usually on a daily basis, and esp. after installing, downloading or uninstalling something. Last thing I saw was it could be a blaster worm or something. They tell me to download "Fixblast" and try. So I do, and nope, no worm. I'm using a windows XP, and am in a real jam. It continally freezes up, and limits my accessability to the taskbar, if giving any. Please help. Another problem, Diskeeper or whatever it's called, an alternative Disk Defragmenter, was recently installed on my friends computer, and he can no longer use the standard windows Disk Defragmenter. How can her fix this. Please help if you know any of these answer. If you need to know more about my system, please tell me where to look, and I can give you the info.
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