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  1. How do you remove Beovens.K, Puper, Puper.DB, and TrojanDownloader.Win32.Zlob.ci No antivirus I have can do it, and I'm trying PCPitstops now.
  2. Possibly have the unregistered version of optimize run off the internet like your full scans?
  3. Well, I ran PCPitstops antivirus (I'd imagine it's pretty reliable) along with a completely updated AVG and completely updated Avast, and no Backdoor bot found. Also, I see very little different between my log and my other computers log (Happens to be built the same, it was a backup incase this one ever failed, or incase my sister needed one)
  4. Okay, so I posted an updated version of my HJT log, with this post previously, but it was closed because supposebly I posted it somewhere else (The HJT log that was posted somewhere else was not updated, and I have changed some stuff on my computer, so I'd image the log would be different) I continually get these pop-ups now. Origanally I saw that toolbar 888 was installed, so I uninstalled it as best I could. I'm pretty sure I got rid of it. Now I'm continually getting pop-ups for winantivirus or something, and other pop-ups that look like their from the system telling me that I need to
  5. Okay, well, I talked to my uncle (Thanks to my mom) And, good news, my XP was installed without a pirated copy. It's legit. Bad news though, he still has the CD. One problem solved >.<
  6. I'm not 100% sure, I'm just assuming it's pirated. All I know is he built it for me, and he has all the CD's n all. I'm not able to talk to him, so is there a way I could find out if it was a pirated cd?
  7. My uncle build my computer for me, so my installation CD was a pirated one, AND he has it. I tried using my other computers disk, but it says it's not the right CD. What else can I do? And is there an easy way to get windows defragger back?
  8. Okay, so to start, I new. I kinda know what I'm doing with computers, I mean, I'm not close to a newbie, but I'm far from skilled at them. Anyways, I recently had my internet disconnected (I run off a router, my parents felt I had too poor of grade, so decided to revoke my internet privledges). So, having it disconnects, I uninstalled my router icon, and everything else that had to do with the router. In that time, I have used my parents computers to download games and such that I want, and then transferring them to my computer via what I think is a zip drive. Today, I went to install a p
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