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    emcahines w3107 MIcrosoft win vista home premium destktop pc, AMD Sempron Pro 3100+ 1.80ghz 1600 mhz fbs 256 kb l2 cache, dvd+-rw 16x double layer multi-format, 100gb ata hd,1GB ddr sdram, mod 56k itu v.92, nvidia geforce 6100 pci-Express slot available, 10/100mbps ethemet lan
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  1. Thanks for the help I think that will work.
  2. OK but I don't think I need the files in D just the ones on C. I have my operating system on CD for xp so If i had to start over new. I would use those and then upgrade again to viasta.
  3. I want to put my partitions together. How can I do it?
  4. Give us more info. What site is it. Do you have limited use of the internet.
  5. Ok I did my mcafee's virius scan plus I did my spyware doctor. Spyware doc found nothing and virius scan found two pup's. What are these? I deleted the pup's. I restore a backreg. How do you restore with out losing your programs and setting? Can I restore and then restore my back ups.
  6. I'm having problems with this computer I think it is a virius or somthing. I was getting error messages. Ran a reg clean and now it has a mind of it's own. shuting off when it wants to and starting programs. I got some control now because I change my startup config. I need to know how to run hjackThis log on xp. I can't get it to work. I must be doing something wronge. Can you give me some instructions.
  7. Mouse it right on I use hybernation. Just push the shift key and the sand by button changes to a hybernation button. Your files will be saved on the HD and windows will shut down. When your ready to use your computer again, just turn it on like normal. You'll start where you let off.
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