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  1. Don't even have a music system anymore since at some point in past years I simply started to use desktop as source and now laptop. Been fine with inexpensive earbuds but would love to get a pair of good headphones such as Sennheiser HD 650 or similar in quality. Just wondering if great headphones represent a worthwhile match with my laptop; that is would high quality capacity of the headphones be wasted with my laptop as the source? I suspect a small amplifier might be necessary to drive the headphones but still wonder if it's worth $200-500 if ultimately the laptop itself represents an in
  2. You may have already given up on this but it wouldn't cost anything to try using the Boot Floppy as Caintry_Boy suggested. Otherwise it sounds like the HD is probally just better replaced. A new 40 Gb will run under $40.00 at NewEgg WD400BB. Make sure you have all your original program install software discs beforehand.
  3. Have a desktop with Windows 98SE myself and ran into a similar problem when I downloaded some drivers...some were correct and as it turned out, some were entirely incompatable and it was a mess. Ultimately I performed a clean reinstall to make it all right again. A reinstall may sound drastic, but at the end of the day it most likely will solve the problem(s) and may save many hours of futile effort in trying to undo a series of forgotten setting adjustments and driver updates, particulary if you don't have a solid trail backwards. If you have a complete inventory of your original software
  4. Am as concerned about privacy as anyone I suspect; shred mail and unsolicted financial offers etc. Don't want to diminish the writers concern but it seems like an off base and unnecessary one. Since becoming a regular visitor to The Pit as of last summer, I simply took it for granted that the multitude of visitors were in fact creating a large and rich aggregate data base that Pitstop would use for it's own purposes including research and also selling to others if it so chose. My insurance coverages, street address, zip code, credit card patterns and you name it are all in some marketing
  5. My thanks also to members, mods and admins for making and maintaining these forums as such a rich and high-level resource for troubleshooting, learning or just getting the most efficiency and enjoyment out of our gear. Always interesting! The few times I've posted for help I received generous and totally on the mark responses and subsequently got out of whatever jam I was in at the moment. And more times than I can count I've come across the solution I was seeking already asked and answered somewhere in the forums. And then more than once I've stumbled onto a solution to some hardware or sof
  6. Congrats on the successful RAM upgrade!! Consider it an important step towards getting your system performing well. Getting all that dust and lint out of the case too can't hurt and might even reduce heat inside the case. Otherwise I am sorry to hear that the process of saving your files (Personal Filing Cabinet) remains a dilemma. If that can be accomplised I'm sure it would take the pressure off you as you diagnose your system. Evidently your AOL program isn't loading at all. Is that correct? Just in case, I'll mention that the process I described in previous post occures totally of
  7. << Dealing with AOL is a pain in the neck >> Stephen I feel your pain! Use AOL myself, but only because I split the monthy cost with my sister and she's comfortable with AOL. Otherwise I would escape "AOL Island". Still, it will do the job and so if it serves you than go with what works for you. No, upgrading your RAM presents no particular risk towards the loss of your files. Generally though it's good practice at ALL times to have backups of important files even when one's system is working at 100%. You never know... a hard drive or a system crash, natural di
  8. Stephen The steps you're taking by way of cleaning up the HD, registry and defragging are all good towards getting your system performing efficiently. No one item is going to be "the fix", but all will be steps in getting there. The RAM upgrade as well should ugrade performance more than you might expect. Your concern towards saving your AOL Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) in understandable in light of it's size and it's importance as a business resource. And seeing as you are dealing with an unstable system and contemplating a RAM upgrade and assorted adjustments, NOW is the time to
  9. Stephen Still not sure about something. Are you still using your AOL program (ver. 8 in this case) as your emailer and internet connection? That shouldn't really be possible if you're no longer an AOL subscriber but that's the impression I had from your original post. However the AOL software client as far as I know cannot be configured to send or recieve email from another ISP, which in this case is Direcway Satellite. Even the version of Internet Explorer that comes bundled with AOL is configured specifically for AOL and it's system. So if I'm correct in my understanding of your s
  10. When browsing through a topic in The Forum I notice white envelope symbols in the furthest left hand column. Occassionally one envelope will have what appears to represent a dark circle on the fold as if maybe to represent a wax seal. Just wondering....What does that indicate? It doesn't show up on the legend or symbol key at bottom of page.
  11. Not sure why you even still have the AOL application on your PC. True that AOL is now "free" but only in the sense that Yahoo, Hotmail and some of the others are free. As you are no longer an AOL subcriber you no longer need AOL ver. 8 that you currently have installed, and only need Internet Explorer or whatever browser you use to reach the AOL website and check your mail, just as one would if one was checking their Yahoo or GMail for example. If I understand your description correctly, you are opening your installed AOL program and getting the "You Have Mail!" greeting and then it fa
  12. Well said! This site represents an incredble resource for PC users of all experience levels. It's made it possible for me to get my current PC operating with a speed and efficiency that wasn't there when I got it as a freebie last summer; plus there's the added bonus of having saved money by doing it myself and learning something in the process. Support the site!! Rip-Off artists only take us closer to a pay-as-you-go internet of the future.
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