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  1. Unfortunately, customer service, everywhere, has many times become customer disservice. Rudeness is too often tolerated. I teach my students to show respect even when it has not been earned. Though I teach computer skills, I am not an expert. (Note: even experts need help sometimes.) If I don’t know, I tell them. Yes, I do get frustrated, especially with those who will not listen. I do not, however, talk above my students’ heads or expect them to be experts. HP, who has quality products, has lost my business because 1) I will not tolerate a person who treats me like I’m an idiot, 2) constantly interrupts me, 3) who lies to me either directly or by omission, and 4) I want to talk to someone whose accent is not so thick, I can’t understand them. I only spoke with one person who gave me the assistance I needed. He also apologized for the disrespect of his (several) company coworkers. Bringing back respect, tact, and common courtesy will solve many, if not most, of the problems people deal with everyday.
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