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    Athlon 2600, FX5200, 180GB, SoundblasterLive, 1GB RAM, crap MOBO, crap everything else.
  1. Thanks I'll try that, thanks to all you guys for your help, I appreciate it a lot
  2. I live in London :S And it's quite chilly here. Is 20'C for CPU really a problem?
  3. Well that's the reading sometime after I stopped FarCry. I Can't find any software to take a reading of my Temp while in a game. So I dont know what it gets to then. Bu when my pc isn't under anyload, would 20'C cpu strike you as negative?
  4. Ok thanks, Appreciate your help I haven't got any smell today, so I think your right about just breaking it in cos it's new
  5. Hi, looking at my GEIL ram site here: http://www.geil.com.tw/portal/product_DDR2-800UDC.php it says about voltage this; 'Working Voltage: 1.8v ~ 2.3v' So, what would be best for me to set so that my pc will be less stressed, and safer from anything bad happening? Also, what other timings would you suggest instead of 4-4-4-12?
  6. PLZZZ PLZZ help me, I just been running my Farcry game for an hour, ran smooth, but, Since i upped my ram to 4-4-4-12, and ram voltage to 2.1, I'm getting a slight sortof burning smell coming from my pc, dont know where from though. IS THIS NORMAL? Plzz help, as I dont want to fry my pc. It's only slight smell, but i couldnt smell it before. The temperature reading is 18'C CPU, and 40'C System. Thats using my MSI Dual Core Centre program. I really don't know what it is when I'm in-game, how would I find out, as I run full screen? my specs are below __________________
  7. That's guys so much. I managed to change the voltage to 2.1 and set the 4-4-4-12, fairly straight forward surprisingly And a big thanks particularly to Crome and strukt Thank's y'all once again!
  8. Thanks guys for help! And thanks strukt for your kind comments. I don't know a lot but I want to learn, that's why I come here So, I have just a few questions. 1) I understand I gotta go into bios, and change 4 things to get 4-4-4-12 right? Could you name those 4 things so I know what to look for in bios. 2) I'm little confused over the voltage thing. I have a fairly nice mobo it's: MSI K9N Platinum nForce 570 SLi (Socket AM2) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard (MB-069-MS) http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Onl...ue_MSI_205.html (4th down) Would that support the voltage for 4-4-4-1
  9. Do you think I could run it at 4-4-4-12?
  10. Thanks for that chrome. Out of curiosity, I have a Seasonic 500w psu, here: Seasonic S12 500W Silent ATX2.0 Power Supply (CA-001-SS) http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Sea...r_Supplies.html (2nd down) Do you think it would be safe to do 4-4-4-12? As it say's 'supports CAS 4-4-4-12 with 1GB and 2GB Dual Channel Kits. These Ultra modules are hand picked for maximum FSB overclocking potential'
  11. Hi, I have 2gb of PC6400 800MHz Ultra Low Latency ram, here: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Geil_DDR2_Memory.html And, I was wondering How I change it to 4-4-4-12? I guess I goto BIOS, but what are the 4 things I need to alter to get 4-4-4-12? Thanks
  12. ok, do you have a link? How do they scam you? I never reallised thanks
  13. Do you mean http://www.overclockers.co.uk ? And if so, why! I've ordered from them before and had no problems, please explain! And would you recommend another company? that is as cheap as them? Also, thanks very much Epochs that made so much sense, appreciate
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