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  1. thanks, but i already got a e-geforce 7600 GT KO it is pretty decent i guess.. ahh man... i wish i had a use for that 550watt psu, my video card doesnt even draw from it.. oh well. thanks alot guys, you really helped
  2. i just got a 550 watt maddog psu, and im running my video card and everything.. it seems to be running fine?? is too much power bad? i upped from 350 to 550..
  3. k, i'll pick a 450-500 watt soon. the guy at the store said the "eVGA Geforce 7600GT KO" was the best card they had in.. they also had a x1600, but he said the 7600 was "40%" better. What do you guys think? (keep in mind i have a celeron d 3.2ghz)
  4. i just got a eVGA Geforce 7600GT KO i have a 300 watt power supply, what will happen is i run this on my comp. It says it needs a minimum 400 watt psu .. so will it mess up the card if it is undersupplied with power??
  5. that was very insightful. Thanks alot. But next question is what would be the best card for my specs (celeron d 3.2ghz, 1406mb ram ddr2 pc-4300) like pci-e im not talking about the latest model, but considering my specs, what would i be able to benefit and take the most power from?
  6. well as of now i am saving up for a new laptop which will be a amd turion x2 with 1gig of ram and some decent graphics.. judging by my techlink, do you think that i should just wait till i get a laptop or get a nice vid card. I mean this comp is only a celeron D.. nothing special.. versus a dual core lap top.. hmm
  7. uhmm i tried need for speed carbon and lets just say that i could walk faster then the speed which the cars were moving haha also i wouldnt mind some battlefield 2 or f.e.a.r. but yeah my integrated graphics isnt cutting it
  8. i just upped my systems ram by adding a 1 gig stick of ddr2-pc4300 ram, i already have a slot with 512mbs.. that wasnt a real good performance booster.. I have integrated ati xpress 200 graphics which are really bad! I can barely run games with out lag. I have one pci-e port and was wondering what video card would suit me the best. tech link: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=DGRDFWG7GYWSW0UC any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. thanks.
  9. well recoil wise, idunno im basing this opnion on counter strike recoil.. which ive gotten used to over these years.. i dont like the weapon choosing system where you just chose w/e weapon and have it.. idunno if you like the game then enjoy it, i will stick with some more familiar titles..
  10. indeed. i still say CS owns all first person shooters.. this game still has its bugs, and the weapons dont feel right.
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