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  1. The Bravery - An Honest Mistake System Of A Down - Mezmerize (the whole cd)
  2. I play guild wars also, but not as much as i have been anymore. I have 4 characters, a lvl 20 ranger/monk is my best. I'm working on a necro, warrior and elementalist they are lvl 5 and up. I'm already in a guild.
  3. maybe just try clicking ok? without password and username?
  4. lol no doubt, it is a heavy sucker, especially when i gotta transport it for lan parties. It gets insanely heavy when i install all my hard drives, but i dont anymore.
  5. Yep guess so, sorry we couldnt get it quite solved for ya.
  6. http://www.ragingrenegade.s5.com/pc.html that's what i got right now, it has the exos water cooling system on it, its a barton 2500 oc'd some 1.5 ghz (512x3) pc2700 mem.
  7. that computer must not like that vid card.... has to be a hardware conflict, in my opinion
  8. that definatly is the vid card... try getting an older set of drivers to try, its either that or its a conflict with another piece of hardware....
  9. i want to see what is causing this... if you will.... press the windows key then the pause break key... advanced > startup and recovery settings > and uncheck automatically restart.... make sure the two boxes above it are still checked and click ok, with the 5700 in... it should crash but show bsod with an error copy it down i wonder if the card has a problem all together.... or has a problem with another piece of hardware
  10. can you give us a new test possibly?
  11. Have you always just had that driver version? maybe its a conflict there. Also try windows update.
  12. The entire Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue cd
  13. Welcome to the Pit, first off try uninstalling then reinstalling yahoo messenger.
  14. v shaped mind - monsters under the bed
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