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  1. My email link has stopped working again. When I click the email me the address appears in the lower left of mt screen but the link doesn't open. If I right click the link a drop down appears and I click properties. Another drop down appears and under protocol it says not available, under type it says unavailable, and under url the correct address appears i.e. mailto:[email protected] Once again I need help in fixing this. Thanks again, adkron
  2. Thanks TomGL2, I did the download and now my email link works. Thanks again, adkron
  3. Sorry the mistakes here are typos. The actual code is correct on my page. I sent a request to my pages host asking them why it didn't work and they replied the link did work. It just doesn't work on my computer. The actual code is <A HREF="mailto:[email protected]">E-Mail me</A>. I clicked the link on a friends computer and it worked. I'll try the download and see if that fixes things. Thanks, adkron
  4. Hi, Unfortunately I don't know. I am guessing Outlook Express because I use Windows 7. How do I find out? Thanks, adkron
  5. Hi, Why does the html code for email i.e. <A HREF=”mailto:[email protected]”>E-Mail Me</A> not work on my computer? If I go to my home page on another computer and click the email link it brings up my email screen with my email in the address bar and I can send myself an email. Why does this not happen on my computer? What must I do to make it work? I have contacted my web page host and they say the email link works and should work on my computer. I have a Gateway PC and run Windows 7. Thanks, adkron.
  6. Thanks. I discovered I am not the only person having this problem. I switched back to yahoo classic mail and the problem went away. I am grateful for you taking the time to help me. adkron
  7. Hi, This is a yahoo problem. I use yahoo mail. I can not delete my mail, go to the help menu, or switch back to “classic” yahoo mail. When I try any of these nothing happens. I can’t contact yahoo because of it. Does anyone know what I should do the get my.yahoo working again or how I can contact them? Thanks, adkron
  8. Hi mme, I apologize for the late response. I followed your directions and there were four yellow marks. I clicked update and was warned not to continue the installation but I did anyway and it worked. I have my sound back. Thanks for all the help from everyone, adkron
  9. Hi DonJayok, I clicked on sounds etc. and a pop up appeared saying, “ no audio device available”? There was a screen that had an advanced option but clicking it didn’t do anything. Can you help me from here? Thanks, adkron
  10. Hi, I had to do a system recovery. After doing so I was asked by a pop up if I heard music from my speakers. I didn’t and clicked no. Nothing happened and my speakers are no longer working. They are on and the volume is turned up. How can I get them working again? Thanks, adkron
  11. Hi again Joe C, I went to zonelabs and they had my correct license key. Also I can no longer find your reply to me and therefore can't follow all your instructions. How do a go to your post in reply to my quest for help? Thanks, adkron
  12. On Sept. 10, 2007 I renewed my virus protection program ZoneLabs Security Suite version 7.0.337.000. I downloaded and installed it. I received a license key and registered it. Yet when I click the Zone Labs Product Information under Support and Update Information icon I am told my subscription has expired and I must renew it. Yet when I click scan it runs a scan. How can I get the subscription expire off the product information screen? I would like to email support but can't find a way to do so. I have emailed them in the past. Does anyone know the tech. support email address? Additionally after installing I was told to click the Windows Security Center icon. When I do under Virus Protection I am told my protection is out of date. How do I correct this? I can’t find Security Suite email address to email them. Does anyone know it? Thanks, adkron
  13. Hi tito, Thanks for you help. I can’t do the upgrade. In the mean time I am saving my pennies and adding RAM to my 6410NX as I wait for core 2 processor computers to come down some in price. Thanks again, adkron
  14. Hi PORTHOS, Forgive my naivete, I am assuming that is a no? Thanks, adkron
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