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  1. Hi, Things tried that didn’t solve the problem: Accessing directly from https://login.frontier.com/webmail/. Went to signin page and clicked security, never saw a View Certificate option to click. Disabled firewall . Tried going directly to https://login.frontier.com/webmail/, still got the Security Certificate page before I could login. Have not tried yet: Installing Chrome. Installing a Security Certificate from www.geotrust.com/resources/root-certificates/. Verifing that the computer clock and calendar are set correctly. Throwing the computer out of a third story
  2. Hi, The login using the address given had the same results. I haven't tried Chrome yet. An interesting side note: My friend has Skype on her PC and we could not log in there either. When we tried we got the Security Certificate Page again and the login was blocked. I also tried shutting down the firewall and that didn't work either. I think the Frontier technician that came to there house with the modem two weeks ago did something in the setup that installed this Security Certificate block and the Frontier support people we talk to do not know how to tell us to disable it. They
  3. Hi, Thanks, I'll try the login address you recommended tomorrow when I see my friend. I did try Foxfire and it gave me the same results as Explorer 9. I'll let you know the results. Thanks again, adkron
  4. Can not directly access mail from Frontier.my.yahoo.com . My Friend has an HP PC with a wireless connection to Frontier.com. She has a modem from Frontier but can access the Internet without hard wiring her PC to the modem. On going to http://frontier.my.yahoo.com/ she clicks on Frontier Mail signin and instead of going to the login page another page comes up with a Security Certificate Warning page with three options. One is close this page, which doesn’t take her to the login dropdown, the next is “continue – not recommended”, and a third I can’t recall but when clicked it does not go to
  5. Hi IntelGuy, I had to hold down the CTRL and right click the link than open it in another window to get there. When I did this is what I saw. "Test Your ActiveX Installation This page tests whether you have your browser properly configured to download, authenticate, install, and display ActiveX controls, and manipulate them with JavaScript. When prompted with a certificate, please accept it. The current date and time should appear below: If you see the current date and time displayed above, congratulations! ActiveX and scripting are working properly. (If you see a date an
  6. Hi Joe C, I have ZoneAlarm Security Suite and have checked for viruses and spyware. I run a scan at least once a week and the problem is still here. I tried you first download. On doing so I couldn't get there without clicking the link with the CTRL key down and than requesting the page be opened in a new window. After doing so I kept getting download this or that instructions and finally I saw a page once again refusing to download with the following message, "The web site declined to show this web page HTTP 403 Most likely causes: This web site requires you to log in.
  7. Hi, I did the registry backup and than the registry fix. I rebooted after "the fix" and here is the result: i went to My Computer and clicked the DVD/CD drive with a CD in place. I received the following message: "Windows media Player The file wmp.dll has a version number of 11.0.5721.5260 where 11.0.5721.5145 was expected. Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled. Do you want to install the Player from the Microsoft website? Yes No" I haven't reinstalled it yet as my MP3 Pla
  8. Hi IntelGuy, My browser is Explorer (I think Explorer 7). Additionally, when I click on File/Properties a drop down menu appears that says Properties and under the General Tab it says: "PC Pitstop Forums -> Replying in Unable to run PcPitStop Tests/Scans" I don't know if this info. helps but there it is. Thanks, adkron
  9. Hi, I copied and pasted the link and got to the page and tried to run the test/scan. Here is what happened: I received this message: “Scan this System Now” I clicked it: “Entering the Pit” appeared followed by: “PC Pitstop utility did not load NOTE: If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, or later, look at the top of this page and see if the yellow Information Bar is displaying a message about PC Pitstop. If so, click the Information Bar and select "Install ActiveX Control". We were unable to install the PC Pitstop utility. Here are the most com
  10. Hi, I clicked the link and heard a click and saw a yellow explosion sign. I held down the Ctrl key and clicked and nothing happened. I cut and pasted the link in my Explorer bar and hit enter. I got to the web site and hit the link there. Again I couldn't get there. I had the same results as before. I hit more information and was sent to a page that said: “This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the web site, but it does not have permission to view the web page. For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.” I hit help and it tol
  11. Hi, Thanks to all. I will try the registry fix. It's getting late (working on keeping the IRS happy) and I am a bit weary. I'll let you know how things turn out. adkron
  12. Hi IntelGuy, Sorry for the typo in my question. I tried the link and had the same results as before. A loud click and a yellow explosion sign until I hit the Ctrl key and the link. Than nothing happens. Thanks for the help, adkron
  13. Hi, If I goto PC PitStop Tests/Scasns and click a drop down menu appears with options. The fist option is, ”Full Tests.” When I click on it I hear a loud click and get a visible yellow explosion sign. If I hold down the Ctrl key this doesn’t happen and in this case nothing else does either. So I can’t even run a test to see what is wrong. Any suggestion on what to do other than trash this computer? Thanks, adkron
  14. Hi Mme and Forum Members, My computer problems continue, I have downloaded Windows Media Player 11 from a disk that came with a Sony Walkman MP3 Player I recently purchased. Yet I still can not view a DVD. I purchased a DVD Laser Lens Cleaner at Radio Shack and used it. That did not help. I have a couple of other problems. They are: When I try to click on some links what I get is a Click, an Icon with a yellow star, and I go no where. If I re-click while holding down my Ctrl key than I can get to the link. I have a feeling this has something to do with my ZoneAlarm Security Sui
  15. Hi, I want to thank all that have taken the time to help me with my DVD problem. I live in upper NY State and there is a Wal-Mart I visit once or so a month that is 35 miles from my home. Mme you have spent a great deal of time on this problem and I am grateful. I visit Canada often to ski and visit friends that live there. I was in BC skiing Whistler/Blackcomb two weeks ago for my third trip there. I have many Canadian friends and love your country and its people. I will let you know how the lens cleaner works out. Thanks again too all, adkron
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