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    I have a Dell Latitude notebook that i have forgotten my set password as it has been ages since i used this as i have a work one. I now want to set up this PC for my children to use, how can i re-set the password to get into my PC?? Please help i am at a loss as to how to fix this and have treid all my previous passwords bnut none work!
  1. I have tried the download http://ebcd.pcministry.com/ as suggested above, but that does not work. I have tried this from a CDROM and a Floppy disk and still i am presented with the log in page. I cannot get past that at all......any other suggestions would be very much appreciated Thank you
  2. Thank you, 2 things how can i wipe it clean as this was an old PC that has nothing of use to the children! Can i do that even though i can't get into the PC as i have forgotten the password. Secondly if i download the ebcd/pcministry again will that work if i cannot get past the windows password issue?
  3. Help! I have a Dell Latitude laptop that i haven't used in over a year as i have new one issued through my work. I would like to set up the old laptop for the childern however i cannot remember the last password i had set. Can anybody help me in my quest to make 2 childern very happy and to their Mum from going mad Any suggestions as to how i can into teh PC would be greatfully received!!! Many thanks
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