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  1. Just the retail fan that came with the CPU. I just wanted it get it up and be sure everything worked first. I can add more stuff the weekend just to be sure there's plenty to break. Memeory is set to 1333. I'm going in to see if I can up things a little. It's been so long that it's taking me forever to find stuff.
  2. Just got it together. Nothing and I mean nothing is tweaked. Here's the first, well third pit test. Didn't have the memory set correctly on the first run and it wouldn't test internet on the second. Nice jump over my previous rig that was hitting about 9600 points overclocked. STOCK http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=22392805
  3. Everything is marked "Out for delivery" so it should be a good day. :bsod:
  4. Talks cheap, that's why I do so much of it. No use saving up words, they're not worth much on trade.
  5. Looks like tomorrow is the big day. Just hope it gets here all at once and doesn't trickle in.
  6. Due here tomorrow. http://www.mwave.com/mwave/skusearch_v3.as...riteria=BA25828 IT's your fault IG.
  7. Hey faith, I see there haven't been any post to this yet so I'll play devils advocate. Why would you be social networking if you expect privacy? Doesn't the whole concept of networking exclude privacy?
  8. Sign me up Caintry. MSI X58 SLI Platinum i7 975 MSI 295 GTX x 2 3x2 Patriot 1600 DDR3 Cooling will be "phase".
  9. MSI X58 Platinum SLI i7 975 MSI N295 GTX 2x3 Patriot 4x OCZ VTX 30G I think so Caintry, it's been so long since I built anything I just hope I can get it all together. :overclocking:
  10. Good to see everyone still around. The last two years I actually used my computer for work instead of just surfing and overclocking so stability was my main goal. The system I put together is not what I would have used in the past as it's main goal is going to be work. I went with a more.... .... conservative setup. Had to go with a less expensive board from MSI instead of the Rampage or Eclipse, or Classified boards I wanted. Just too much money. When I saw $400.00+ for a board I almost fainted. I remember when $250.00 was the very most you could spend. Heck I remember when .... nevermind. Bought the MSI X58 SLI Platinum.
  11. Just bought new hardware for the first time in almost 3 years,,,, well 2 years anyway. Probably won't last more than 2.6 hours.
  12. shogan191


    Howdy guys. http://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/2009/06/28/m...dows-7-pricing/
  13. My biggest problem is that I can't see. LOL Just kidding. I've been doing nothing but working. Haven't bought any hardware to speak of in over 2 years. I am running overclocked but nothing that requires even a fan upgrade. Was just talking to IG yesterday about the i7 975 and the fact that it is so expensive. Was looking at putting together a new system and when I totaled it up I decided to get a summer home instead. It is good to see everyone. I keep saying we ought to do a competition, somthing really goofy like the Old Times. The problem is the time to do it. Here's my work box. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?c...;report=Summary
  14. Bruce, where did your wife purchase her Smartbook? I'd like to take a look.
  15. shogan191


    Thanks Sam for the kind and supportive comment. I agree wholehartedly. I'm always surprised at the negative input I see around here and other forums on the internet. Our policy has been to allow all opinions as long as the negativity isn't expressed directly at other members. I hope your experience continues to be a positive one. I'll do everything I can to make that possible. Thanks.
  16. And yet, it looks so large. My sig. is fairly short.
  17. Haven't had any problems with using Firefox. It's been working well on previous betas also. One thing I've really enjoyed it the Windows Easy Transfer. You can move information and settings from a previous installation to a new installation. Has worked well moving form Beta to RC.
  18. shogan191


    Welcome and glad to have you. Enjoy.
  19. I'm not sure we need a sub-forum right now but it's something we could look at when the time comes.
  20. Bear, I'm not sure I understand your references to being man enough or letting personal feeling get in the way. I have no bones to pick and am only trying to help you as you requested. I'm glad the problem was resolved. Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear.
  21. Hello Bear. I have been working at the Customer Service desk the past few days but have not seen any tickets from you. I'm working CS because several people are on Vacation. I would be most happy to help you in anyway I can, if you would just fill out a ticket. I've read a couple of your comments in this thread and another thread but don't see any description of your problem. Please I will be most happy to help you if your having problems with our software and will make every effort to be sure I get your ticket. Let me know if you have problems accessing Customer Service. I do not have my PMs turned off but probably do not check the forums enough these days. Without the information on the Help Desk Ticket I have no way of doing much. Thank, sho.
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