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    Windows7 Xpmode

    I've got it enabled on my system. I don't really use it though. I've used it for reference a couple of times. Are you finding a use for it or do you just like the novelty of being able to do it?
  2. Hello Wonka. Thank you for opening a ticket. We will give this issue top priority.
  3. These features are now added. 1. The ability to select which drivers will be updated. 2. The ability to skip the defragmentation
  4. I'm thinking the amount of money made by i4i is more of a store than what will happen to word users. I don't think word users will be affected at all. "Microsoft has said it will be ready with a revised, Custom XML-less version of Word 2007 and Office 2007 by that date. Computer makers already have been issued a patch that lets them factory-install a compliant edition of Office on new PCs before they're shipped to customers" PC World I'm thinking I'll be using Word on 1//11/2010 just like I did on 1/11/2009 and will still be using it on1/11/2012,,unless i'm ........ LOL. It looks likely that MS will produce it's own fix for Custom XML capabilities and short circuit i4i plans for even more cash.
  5. I'm sure that's fine but I still like Prime 95.
  6. 5:59pm Sat Nov 7 2009 until 01:35 AM Sat Nov14 2009 LOL, that didn't take long.
  7. shogan191


    I have concerns yes and am well aware of the potential of destruction for persons and states. We're not going to stop the gathering of information and those that are able to gather it will be the ones to determine how it's used. I have no ability to judge who should be able to gather it. As you mention, the line between the villan and the good guys is always a little blurry. So in answer to your question, yes, I share your concerns. No, because it's out there for whoever want's it. My attempts at stopping Google isn't going to do much for me or the bigger pic.
  8. Wow, when I first saw the number of responses I thought it must be very detailed. LOL. Thanks you guys.
  9. Downloaded the RC 1 of this and was trying to install on my laptop. The laptop uses an SSD drive that has an installation of Windows 7 on it. Will the installation program/disk delete the partition or format the drive? Doesn't seem to. I'm just getting an error after starting the installk because there's not enough room so guess it can't delete the windows installation. HELP.
  10. That seems about normal. This morning mine was 114,753 K.
  11. shogan191

    Go Computer

    LOL, Nope the people here are having trouble figuring out why the ponds are low in Dry season. Anything with a plug is considered Technical and complicated. LOL it's unfortunate beacuse as soon as the company gets some momentum, their client base dies.
  12. shogan191

    Go Computer

    I'm thinking that at that age, it they haven't been interested they won't change. Also wonder how online sales is going to get to people who aren't on line. Could be this little "start-up" could use some marketing help. Even the Billion Dollar Giants were small startu-up companies at one time. They were just smarter than the average stump.
  13. Hey Caintry, I'm working on it. Got some family matters taking front burner today. I'll get some OC scores up in time.
  14. How cool, price is reasonable also.
  15. Hope it arrives in good shape. Good that the guys is trying to make good.
  16. and yet there's never any algae in your regrig water?? hummm How about using somrthing other than clear tubes and resevoirs? That would work. or if your not into buying new tubing, tape your tube.
  17. Hey GM. Run a new OverDrive scan. The old scan is showing too many programs and processes running in the background. Too many AVs and you even have 2 MSN messengers running. Run a new scan and we can go through it one thing at a time. Don't worry about changing drivers.
  18. There are three free antimalware programs in the list that are marked with green astriks. I would follow the instructions outlined in the article and use at least one of those while in SafeMode with Networking. http://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/2009/08/02/f...ic-proportions/ This is a link to the article in our TechTalk section.
  19. Yep, I turn off all the eye candy just as a matter of course. Pretty much the first thing I do after installing an OS. Since I don't notice the difference for work I can't see any reason to leave it on.
  20. Hello niceget. I'm not a Vista user but I've been using W7 since it's beta release. I'm using the W7 RC1 7232 for the moment. I haven't had any memory issues but I'm not comparing it to Vista so I can't directly answer your question. Here's a recent test I ran while overclocked with my new system. It doesn't look to be suffering any problems. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?c...;report=Summary Here's an older test using my work system. While it's still overclocked it not overclocked to any great degree and is stable for everyday use. I don't see a problem here either. This system is two years old. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?c...;report=Summary We're running a competition this month so you'll probably be able to see many more examples of how W7 handles memory.
  21. If you're not getting what you are paying for you should have them come out and check the lines. bad lines can slow the service along with wet lines. While the speed may vary during peak traffic, you should still be paying for a set amount of speed.
  22. Shogan191 PC Pitstop Intel i7 975 MSI X58 Platinum SLI GTX 295 DDR3 1600 Vapo Geek Bench = 8445 http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/151745 3D Mark 01 = 49,892 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=9515624 3D Mark 06 = 21,259 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=11612560 Super Pi 1M = 12.359 CineBench = 19,514 Total = 437,636. I'll get the screen shots up tomorrow. Was I suppsed to deduct 100,000 points because it wasn't an overclock score? Wasn't sure about the calculator, it wanted to deduct the points for not being overclocked.
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