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    Test Drive IE9

    It's not even close to a beta. It's just a ...peek...naw, more of a tease.
  2. Yes, and lets close all retail stores untill they can't be robbed, or insist you can't appear in public unless you can adequately protect yourself from thugs.
  3. I don't believe it's our site causing the issue. I use both FireFox and IE to load TechExpress links and see no difference at all.
  4. shogan191

    phake i7 cores

    Is nothing sacred anymore? Wonder how they overclocked?
  5. Sorry to hear about your Dad Brandon. That is extremely hard to deal with. Be sure to get plenty of support as it takes a toll on you. KRAM...http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703013 I've had the 750 Cool and Quiet, the 1200 watt, and I"m now using the 900 watt. I've never had one fail. I love the 900 watt.
  6. PC Pitstop doesn't have a policy of updating drivers on a whim. We certainly provide driver update suggestions but there is nothing about our software or policy that requires driver updating. The OverDrive scan is full of "suggestions". Nothing forcing you do take any of them.
  7. 3% being a modest setting is relative to the size of your hard drive. In addition the big red x is to get your attention. It's to let you know something needs attention. The scan is a diagnostic tool and not a benchmark as such.
  8. shogan191

    pdf reader

    ceezar, I've had good luck with FoxIt reader.
  9. Not sure why but you can certainly reregister. Mine have seen no changes.
  10. Shogan PC Pitstop Rig1 i7 975 MSI X58 Platinum 6 GB Memory 2x 5850 Geekbench = 9058 http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/210978 3DMark 03 = 105943 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=6261913 3DMark 05 = 30189 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=5135303 SuperPi/1M = 12.156 WPrime 32M = 7.421 Total = 506840
  11. I could read but it's more fun to post. I'm hoping it 's like the last time and if i decide to downgrade (processors) that's allowable at any time? Is that the case?
  12. I can understand better if it's only for computer related reviews. I certainly wouldn't want reviews of other items.
  13. I'm not feeling it. It's a computer forum. Many more forums and there won't be anything to talk about in general.
  14. Well you know how time gets away from you when you're reading. It didn't feel like 10,400,0005,070,000 links on thet page, but then I'm not sure how many fonts fit a page. Maybe one of us miscounted or maybe it's like 3D and only shows up if your on an Mac.
  15. Hey flyfishingrules2, how's it going and thanks for being such a great contributor. I have to wonder how much of this is true and how much of it is hype form the likes of Symantec and others. The reason I wonder is that for the last two weeks I've clicked every iPad link that has shown on my Google search page for several headings including ipad size . Even now when I do an iPad search of any sort, every link on the first search results page is showing as visited. I just haven't seen one redirect or link offering flaky products. Sometimes I think these warnings are more hypothetical than real. What's been your experience?
  16. Of course we're sorry you feel that way but if anything we offer even more free help and advice than ever before. I think you are probably overlooking our OverDrive scan that is on the HomePage. It is directly under the PC Matic Banner. Same test, packed with information, and instructions on how to impliment them. It's FREE! All of our products offer FREE SCANS also and don't forget our FREE User to User Help Forums. It's the same place it's always been, just better.
  17. Be sure to try defragging with either one restore point or turning it off completely before running PC Matic. Just be sure to turn it back on when finished and create a restore point. That is what helped mine.
  18. Does the new rental license give the purchaser of the license the right to charge specifically for the use of the rental licesne?
  19. Buce, to answer your question: He's your son, kill him how you like. It's your call. Anyone want to discuss my signature regarding algae? It's been corrected for spelling.
  20. I can't wait to Bar B Q some dino brisket. Been gettin mighty hungry.
  21. Thanks guys. One thing for sure, I can't do worse than last time....... I hope.
  22. Well, you can't say we're hard to please.
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