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  1. LOL, so if we're not controling it.... who it? Is there a CyberAdmin somewhere?
  2. I'm receiving topic notifications by email.
  3. Have you looked at this. http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/pcmatic.asp
  4. Are you set to receive "immediate notification"? Will check it from this end. Thanks.
  5. Be sure to have your motherboard and Video Card CD handy for the drivers. You can update them later but at least have the basics at hand for use immediately after installation.
  6. Your right Strongnoah, MS Security Essentials is getting a lot of good press lately.
  7. I'm relatively certain that banks spend a good amount of time and money developing the best security they can and yet banks are robbed everyday. I'm betting that everyday there are more banks robbed than barber shops robbed but barber shops have no security at all. Might have something to do with the prize, ya know. No need to lock up something no one wants.
  8. Put up some 3D Mark when you get it together. Should be a nice rig.
  9. Forums/Information Desk/Forum Rules/Here/ ..... doesn't seem to work.
  10. It relates to Marvel software and hardware. Not a virus or threat. Open Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet Options/Security/Default/ and then Privacy/Default. That will reset those two tabs to default. Look at your OverDrive scan and go to Software/Processes. Turn off everything that isn't in the bottom blue category. Note you have Spybot running and AVG. Pick one, you don't need both. I suggest Spybot.
  11. Yes, thanks Rob. Your professional attitude and help in Customer Service is refreshing. Thank you for doing an excellent job snooping out even the smallest issues.
  12. Hello Mr. Travesty. Please go to Customer Service and fill out a request for help. We will reply quickly. http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp I'm also moving this to the Paid Products Forum.... Thank you for using our products.
  13. It looks like the Post Button is straightened out. It seems odd to have the pink "You Must Enter A Post" at the top but guess that's the way it's supposed to be.
  14. shogan191


    LOL, that's what I've been doing too.
  15. While I certainly wouldn't argue the number of stupid people in the world, it's true that people are being exploited.
  16. shogan191

    Apple vs Google

    I've had an iPhone and returned it at 30 days. I had a Droid and still have it.....in the closet. I'm using a cheap samsung dumb phone. But I just saw the new HTC Droid Incredible and it is nice, nice, nice. http://phones.verizonwireless.com/htc/incredible/ Of course they're all fun for about a month.
  17. So,, anything new here?
  18. Took me a while to get here, but OK, I'll bite. What's the reason(s)?
  19. http://dodgeretort.com/internet/1200 Pretty slick.
  20. Like the majority of people I click without reading. However, I do it with the understanding that I'm pretty much at the mercy of the people who wrote the software and wouldn't waste much time complaining about the contract I signed. I'm at the point of thinking that computing and the internet is enjoying it's Wild West days and that anything that we see from here on will be more restrictive and not less.
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