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  1. There isn't any real advantage of using USB 3.0 over USB 2.0 for your mouse. There are USB 3.0 mice because there is USB 3.0, tht's all.
  2. Chrome unless I'm forced to use IE by MS.
  3. The Windows SP3 update is what you are referring to. That was actually back in 2008 so yeah, time flies. http://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/2008/06/30/windows-xp-sp3-cheat-sheet/ The link above gives the previous two articles also. Recent Net Framework Fiasco?
  4. So now we know why there are multiple companies making the same products. I'm glad I bought several PC Power and Cooling power supplies back when they were well made and preformed beyond the specs. I should be good for the next 3 years. LOL
  5. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/ff557391(v=vs.85).aspx
  6. shogan191

    Windows 8 preview

    I couldn't agree more Joe C. I almost feel cheated trying to make do with a single OS for all purposes.
  7. shogan191

    Windows 8 preview

    Sorry for the resurrection but this seemed like a good spot. I tried Windows8 first during the developers preview and now again with the consumer preview. There are some good things but overall it's a bit cumbersome. I used it exclusively for the past two weeks but there were some bugs that made it necessary to stop. Some issues with Zip files, moving files. Files being added and or lost. Here's a link to a shell that's better than some of the past tweaks for the start menu. IG sent me this. http://classicshell.sourceforge.net/
  8. Check out our new PC Magnum.
  9. shogan191

    Super Shield

    I just wanted to let you know that you are exactly right. You will see more and more of this type of virus protection. I believe you will see Microsoft will adopt this technology in 2012.
  10. shogan191


    Hey Joe, I hate the lack of privacy we all endure now but this type of racking doesn't really bother me. It doesn't identify "me" but rather an unidentified machine that visits the site. There is nothing about me and my personal information that is available to them.
  11. Obviously the first thing to do is be sure you don't have the sound turned down or muted. The next thing to do is check your physical connections. After that you may want to try using System Restore. Pick a date that is before time that the problem started.
  12. From the April 19th NewsLetter: http://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/2011/04/19/department-of-justice-and-fbi-take-down-huge-coreflood-botnet/
  13. Here Lindsey try this link. http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp
  14. Our next newsletter should be out in about a week. Thank you Paultx
  15. When looking and comparing laptops you almost have to try each one. Even something as simple as moving the delete key or the shift key can change everything. I can't stand small keyboards so I spend a lot of time comparing size and key location when looking at laptops. It's real hard to recommend a brand rather than an item. There is just too much variance in models within brands.
  16. The products have passed the Microsoft testing and have received permission to use the Microsoft Windows7 Logo. Being included on the list is a function of jumping through even more hoops which we are doing. It's simply a matter of time before we are included on the list. Thank you.
  17. After removing the brands you mention, my choice would be Acer. They have a full line of portables and I'm sure you'll be able to find one in the $500.00 - $700.00 range. Take a look on NewEgg. After them I would look at HP.
  18. Pires, you would probably receive more help in the User to User forum. The test would not slow your wifi. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/forum/3-user-to-user-help/
  19. Hello elvene No, it's an excellent realtime anit virus. Unlike other products it has no bells and whistles. It sits quietly protecting your system. PC Matic real-time protection is running constantly on a computer, once installed. It looks and warns about any file that the user tries to run, that looks to be malware. In fact, once installed, this software is keeping track of everything that is being run on the computer. What is the user experience? Unlike PC Matic, there is not much in the way of pretty pictures, or gas gauges flicking on your screen, telling you what they are doing, and where they are in the process of scanning your entire computer. This software runs as a tray application, on the right side of your tray. It sits there very quietly, for the most part, watching each program you run, and waiting to warn you should it consider something you try to run is malware. In fact, if you don't try to run something that is malware, you will never even know it's running. However, if you do, it might be nice to be warned, and that's what this does. If it comes upon a program it thinks is malware, it will warn you, and ask you what you would like to do about it. You have the option, of letting it run, blocking it, always blocking it, or always allowing it, or of course, you can quarantine away so it will cause no further problems. What does it install and what's going on? Currently, this likely looks like it is doing very little. The reality is, it is actually installing both a windows service (much like our scheduler) along with a tray application, and runs constantly, on your computer, looking and deciding on each program you run. By default, this will start running, and turn on from the time you install it. It does that for every user configured on the computer (up to 5) It is, however, quite unobtrusive, and just sits there trying to protect you from whatever those malware writers out there are trying to get you to stumble into. If you are experiencing issues please contact our Customer Service Help Desk. http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp I hope this helps, thank you for using our product.
  20. HEllo Bud, I'm not sure about the specific time period you mention but there are daily updates to the definitions.
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