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  1. megaspaz, I guess it doesn't bother me because I knew it going in. It's not like they sprang it on me. If I don't like the setup I don't have to buy. It's like everything else, if this way doesn't make the massses happy it will die on the road like a turtle. I think lots of people want to like Linux but have a hardtime using it. For things to last they have to be easy and convenient. XP is easy and convenient. It's not like that is an accident. I haven't given up any rights, I've agreed with the terms of the sale or lease. Take a look at your next lease agreement on a car.
  2. I like XP. Been using it since it came out. I've had this single copy of pro installed on what would be considered several computers with no problems. This last time(Christmas), I sold my computer, built another one and installed XP on it. That was the first time that I had to call and talk to a tech. Not a problem really, took less than 5 minutes. Since then I have installed another 10 to12 times. No problem as it has been the same hardware each time except for the ram, and drive. I wish getting this motherboard to work was as easy as using XP.
  3. There are some benchmarks that use DirectX 9. The new 3D Mark 2003 does. There are also drivers for the Gforce 4 cards that support it. I haven't had any problems with messanger but don't do any on line gaming.
  4. Vaccuum packed 4 oz of smoked salmon was $4.99. Thats $20.00 a pound. I put it back.
  5. I've seen LOLA and Don Coyotte is more accurate. Although I do love that woman of mine.
  6. Direwolf... I have more concern for you than the preceived child of 10. It doesn't take cridentials to get in here. Also a concerned parent is not necessairly an intelligent or good parent. Get a grip on yourself before you go sliding off the edge. Thanks for the goofy members forum..
  7. Mine is rockin here and has been. Friday, Saturday, and today have been exceptional.
  8. Under your score where it says "click for info" is a pretty good break down of what points came from where and an explaination of how they came about. Is that what your talking about?
  9. Sorry for your inconvenience but I'm glad to hear you migh use the site in the future. I think the topic of "User to User" says it all. Although there are plenty of knowledgable people here most of us are just users "trying" to help other users. I'm always just thrilled to be able to come here and see I have responses to my questions. I never thought of them as coming with a guarantee. Hope to see ya around.
  10. Course that depends on the shovel but mine is absolutely flying this morning...
  11. Hey Volt or anyone .... what's the latest on Adshield. Is it safe to use or what. Seems I saw something about it being spyware a few days ago. I hope that is not the case as I love the way it works. Thanks.
  12. Keith it seems to be kind of spotty for the moment. All in all better though. I think it's just a matter of working out some bugs at this point.
  13. Graham... The Panda will not cause your computer problems that I know of. I think most people consider it a pretty good AV program. Like has been suggested disable your un needed programs that start at startup. In my opinion you should install sp1. I have installed it many times and have had no problems with it. If you are still having stability problems and know you have no spyware, you might consider looking at your hardware. Possibly some bad ram. See if you can narrow down where most of the problems are... Internet Explorer... etc. Thanks, let us know how things work out. Get things as cleaned up as possible before the sp 1 install.
  14. Just got to tell you how wonderful it is to come here and get on the site, post a couple of times and not even notice how well things are going. It is just wonderful and thanks again for all the hard work. Have a cookie on me.
  15. Hey volt I lost my last post somewhere. They were clean installs, in that I formatted with the xp cd and did a complete install not an upgrade. Even tried changing file format, although it made no difference. You were correct about it being hardware. I removed one of my 512 sticks of 2700DDR and all went stable. Ran Prime 95 for 9 hours last night and with the brand new bios released while I slept, for 6 hours today. Have just tried the two sticks in different slots today and will see how that works. Thanks for all the help. Will probably do a clean install again today just to be sure I'm on the right foot.
  16. thanks tw I wasn't sure if those readings were ok or not. ..What is wipe out? I'll check google for it.
  17. I forgot to tell you that the powersupply is new... although I have some questions..Antec true power 430. there's a 12 volt ...shows 11.9 a 5 volt only shows 4.9 and a 3 volt shows 3.25. I also changed the battery and cleared Cmos... I also use the Asus updater for bios which clears cmos on installation of bios.. Don't know if any of this applies....
  18. Hey guys thanks for this good input. I guess I am down to instability running Prime. It will run 3dMark fine. I have tried upping the voltage from 1.65 to 1.677 and 1.70. No help If it's heat that wouldn't help anyway.. I tend to agree with the clean or fdisk hd but I've never done either...
  19. Hey thanks tw... How would I go about a format other than the windows one. I had a look around on the maxtor install disk and flopply on the other one when there were problems and I didn't follow along too well. Can you give me some pointers. I don't mind doing this "Cleaning off" and reformating at all. It may well be on the warm side but the Asus board doesn't show the temps very well. The Asus probe is worthless and the bios temps change by as much as 10 to 15 degrees depending on the bios number.. I have an slk800 whick is a good cooler and depending on the bios version it will read 40 to 48 at rest... can't read it at stress because the probe is not accurate. Show somewhere around 38 to 44 under stress and 32 to 36 rest. This new harddrive has had no overclocking done on it.
  20. Thanks lilbill we need more responses like that. Yeah Volt. I probably fried something messing over in the OC sites. Problem is I don't know if it's the chip, the memory, or the motherboard. I have a feeling it is the motherboard. This board is quite flaky anyway.. At least after you oc it too much it is. I figured out the ms update thing was the date and time set wrong. Now I have to figure what I've done wrong to ms messanger. Probably invented a password or changed something I'm unaware of. I'll keep checking here if you get any more ideas. Thanks . Bill and Volt. Hey Bill mark this down in your book of learned things... The date and time thing fixed the messanger signing in also.....Sometimes just having support around is enough help.
  21. Here are my statistics.. A7n8x Deluxe / 2700+AMD/2x512 Samsung 2700/Onboard sound/Gf4600PNY/On board nic/ set at optimum defaults, using any of the following bios Original C/1002.001...1002.003....1002.004. Problems Won't run prime for more than about 45 minutes at stock setting. What I've done to try to fix....New Hard Drive Maxtor 7200 8meg cache. 120 gig. This one has not been involved in oclocking. Install several bios several times Reinstall operatingsystem several times.(5)... This is where I think the problem is Other current systems maybe related maybe not..... MS messanger only signs me in as "Sign in Different Account." Upon cold boot any old program may be noted with a popup as new. Microsoft update has no updates, drivers, or anything else there for me....Just doesn't see me I guess. No uptdates at this time. Doing the ms messanger install wizzard. It says it doesn't recognize me. I've run several on line virus scans.. Avg... McAfee... The Pitstop..... Panda won't install...error during the download rebooted twice and tried several times.. Any ideas let me know/// ... May be several unrelated problems.
  22. Well then that brings me to my next question of why can't I get any sort of updates from Microsoft. I click "check for updates" and it just immediately shows no updates for this system. Something not right. Also my ms messanger is acting strange. It's done this on two seperate installs. I can connect only if leave the "sign me up automatically" unchecked and just sign in. If I check the auto thing it says not found......hummmmm.... seems like ms is not seeing me. Any ideas...
  23. 7:30 and the site is flying again. Seems to be a little spotty like you all had mentioned. Thanks for woking so hard you guys.
  24. Yes certainly a change from yesterday. It's been slow here all today and tonight. It's about 7:17PM here now. Been since about 3:00 that I know of. Oh well.
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