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  1. Hello Everyone.  I'm sorry that you guys are having issues and are not receiving our replies.  ..I have initiated an email from our Customer Service Location to Subspook and PCC.  if you do not receive the email please check your spam folder,  IF it is not there then Please Contact Your ISP or Mail provider for additional assistance.  It's possible that they are blocking before it even gets to you.  


    Hello Subspook Very sorry for any lost communications.  I have searched but do not find a request in our Customer Service records from  your registered email  anytime this year.  The most recent records I have are from Posted on: 02 December 2018 03:38 PM    Thank you for contacting PC Pitstop Customer Service.
    You can click on the green shield icon in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop screen by the time display, select Protection Level, then set the Blocking Notification Method to Prompt for Override (Advanced).


    Hello Laurence Smiser.. Sorry for this continuing issue.  I see you are working with Jeff from Customer Service and that his most recent reply was yesterday 6/20.  Jeff is the head of our Customer Service Department and I'm sure that he will be able to resolve this issue.  He is absolutely your best source for assistance.


    Hello PCC. Very sorry this issue has returned for you.  Our last reply from the email provided, indicated your issues was 'resolved".  I find  no correspondence since then.  If you are still having issues, you can use the same email and simply reply to re open the ticket  I have sent a new response to you from that older ticket That would be the best way to continue.    Posted on: 18 May 2019 09:34 AM issue appears to be resolved. thank team for your persistence.  


  2. PC Matic with SuperShield protects your computers from viruses and trojans that attack your operating system.  It does this by blocking the execution of known bad and unknown files.  


    What you are seeing is not a virus or trojan.  It is an extension which you have most likely un knowingly installed on your browser. Clearing the extensions and/or resetting your browsers to defaults will correct this issue by removing the extensions.  Occasionally, but not often, there are associated programs installed in your Add/Remove programs section.  Always check that you have no unwanted, search engines, or update programs listed... If you find them, uninstall them. 


    Thank you. 

  3. Hello Kathy. 


    We are responding.  it appears our replies are being sent to your spam folder.  Please take a look. 


    You were refunded by our Tech Brandon on 3/19 as requested.  You were last responded to by our Tech Joe. 


    Please check your spam folder or contact your ISP so our communications are no longer blocked. 


    Thank you. 

  4. Hey Caintry_Boy Dave was just telling me about you and your wifes ordeal... Sure hope things are healing up for you.   I think you need some good juju to get rid of all the stuff going.   You haven't been digging in any Indian burial grounds have you?   Thanking about you guys... All my best. 

  5. Hey Guys.


    I think a lot of people slowly dropped out when the economy hit the fan and then when it got to where we couldn't compete with the guys with LN2.


    I still check in but I haven't overclocked in years, well i do overclock my current rig but it's the same one I had 4 years ago. Anyway good to read some posts and see what people are doing.


    IT was absolutely a great time and I can't believe how much money I would spend. I think my last rig was sitting at about 4 grand,,,not counting chillers and WC and such.

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