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  1. BTW the new Classic Shell option does help Windows8. The OS itself is fast as heck but finding everything is a pain. The Classic Shell helps. Im running a 5700 on my main rig which is an older Intel 975 Quad core. I'm only getting about 18,000 points per day on the whole rig and although I've tried enabling smp and gpu I don't seem to get anything from the vid card. Is there a driver or a trick to getting it to produce? What does the 5700 produce for you on that rig? So I can stick a second vid card in my motherboard and use it only for folding? Not hook it to a monitor? Enabled gpu cpu. Stuck GT520 in bottom slot of motherboard and the 5700 is also driving the two monitors. Something not right. This is all I ever get when trying to use gpu and smp. Click To Enlarge
  2. I was just going to ask, How long before you change the drive, LOL. You may be surprised at the reduction in bloatware and craplest from what was there two years ago. Still not perfect but........
  3. Welcome back David. IT's new to use too. Just updated the forum a few days back.
  4. Congratulations el kido. Sounds like a good opportunity.
  5. Your best best is to open a ticket in Customer Service as suggested and supply the link. Here's the link for Customer Service: http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp We can work with your there on how to proceed. Thank you.
  6. Happy B'day Brandon. How old are you?
  7. Congratulations. Quite an achievement.
  8. Zootie, sometimes it takes two installs. The first thing to try is to reinstall the driver. Some drivers actually use an uninstall function to remove the existing driver on the first run and need to be run a second time to complete the installation. If that does not resolve the issue, right-click on the My Computer icon, select properties, then click the 'hardware' tab followed by the 'Device Manager' button. Find the Sound, Video, and Game adapters and expand the selection by clicking on the "+". Then double-click on the device name to open the properties, then click the 'Driver' tab and then the 'Roll back driver' button. If that does not work, go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore and restore your computer to the first restore point before the driver was installed. If you are still having problems, I suggest you go to our customer service department and ask for help there. http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp *Request Product Technical Support The response time is very fast.
  9. I guess if I'm allowed to call 4.5 gigs 5.0 gigs then Joe's allowed to call 8 sec, 6 sec. LOl I haven't been able to play around much today. I'll post something up when I get a chance. I was able to get it down to 9.02 seconds but thats as low as I could get it.
  10. Oppss that's 4.5 Big Joe, my mistake.
  11. I never was any good with things involving memory. I can't get a decent SuperPi score to save my life. The best so far is 9.2 1M. That's @ 4.5 GHz. Seems like I remember people getting a lot better scores than that, years back. I'm doing the affinity thing and real time. Running on individual cores to see which is best. Still nothing to shout about. Is it just the i7 rigs?
  12. There truly is no hope for the world. Thanks for the humor mme.
  13. Hello Pokebreaker. Thanks for posting your question. I'm suggesting you go to our customer service area for some suggestions and a few questions. It could easily be a problem with your modem or router or even a spliter if you have one, among other things. http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp Just put a dot in the Product Tech Help option. I'll look for you there.
  14. Thanks for the post Bruce. This is truly a historic day. I'm enjoying that we've done something that makes me feel good. It's been too long between trips to the "Good Job America" bin. What a class act from McCain. I hope we pull together and get things back on the right path.
  15. We call that falcon food.
  16. Hey CC, I think your best option is to contact Kapersky. I have used Kapersky but have not had the problems you are describing. Hopefully they will be able to sort your problem. You can open a case with them using this link. http://usa.kaspersky.com/support/customer-service.php
  17. Hello. Your processor showing 0% is right were it should be. That processor at 3.0 gig and not overclocked and no one has that processor clocked higher. The % would only be higher if it varied from 3.0. The OverDrive scan only tests your C drive for performance and fragmentation. It does not test other drives or partitions. I'm unsure on the the fragmentation question about solid state drives and the fragmentation figures. I'll ask someone else to take a look and see if they know the answer. I know that fragmentation is handles differently with SSD drives but I'm not sure how our scan is handling it. I'll get back to you. CmiCnfg seems to be from C media corp. As for your Nvidia card driver startup otpions, are you talking about AA and AF options?
  18. Interesting link mme. Thanks.
  19. Hang in here Wdeyd. Your making progress so it can't be anything but better in a short while. Yes, you can avoid the court appearance by making payment.
  20. Hey everyone, thanks alot. I appreciate it. Been taking it easy today. Had a big steak for dinner and going to get to bed early. With any luck I'll have a couple of more next year.
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