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  1. I received a fix from one of the techs @ pcpitstop. If I send it to you, would you be so kind as to make it a sticky post please? I have to type it up nicely 4 u.
  2. ACK! It was gone for less than 24 hours and it's back! AGAIN! There HAS to be something that is calling it to restart and settle into the 'run'. I have tried removing it in safemode too, no good
  3. That is all well and good but.... there is NO longer a directory called C:\Program Files2\PCPitstop\Optimize ! It has been gone for quite a while, and I KEEP deleting the value in the registry, and HJT and where ever else it refers to the registry! I have been trying to delete it now for 3 months! Let me ask you, where else might it be hiding aside for that 1 spot in the reg. and the C:\Program Files2\PCPitstop\Optimize ?? I have looked and can not find any place. Maybe there is a .dll or another file that makes it return? (sigh) I am past being frustrated!
  4. Hello all, How the heck is this removed permanently from my machine? It's like a bad penny, it keeps coming back O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [PCPitstop Optimize Registration Reminder] C:\Program Files2\PCPitstop\Optimize\Reminder.exe I must have removed it 3 dozen times from the registry, and/or HJT/or msconfig. I do not need or want it any more! It needs to be GONE! TY!
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