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    Hi, I have XP2 and selectively download critical updates. Because of what I have heard about SP3, I feel better avoiding it as long as I continue with the critical updates? Do any of you guys agree with this? Thanks very much for your thoughts. Sincerely, Mesmd
  2. Hi, I've heard of too many problems with the installation of SP3. I selectively use the M$ updates. My questions are: 1) Can I just forget about and not use SP3 for my home XP OS? 2) If I do not install SP3, will I still be able to use the continuous upgrades made available by M$? Thank you very much for your thoughts, Sincerely, Miles PS I am an owner of Optimize ver 1.0, AVG 8.0, and use many regularly scheduled malware scanners, registry optimizers-defragers and HD performance enhancers.
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