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  1. I suspect she is craving the caffiene from the Mountain Dew. One does not know the power of withdrawal until one is stuck in the hospital for more than a week....
  2. About 23 years ago, my first wife and I lived in a two-story farm house smack in the middle of 35 acres of hay fields. Our bedroom was on the second floor at the end of the house. We had 4 English Walnut trees in our back yard, within a few car lengths of our bedroom window. The wife, wanting to experience that wonderful outdoorsey feeling; went out and bought two peahens and a peacock. She made me build a covered pen to keep them in. Then one day, about a month after having them around, The ex-Missus left the pen door open after feeding the birds. They got out and immediately took up residence in the walnut tree nearest to the house. Every night for about a week the darn things would wake us up with their cry. Here's the thing, when they speak; it sounds just like a baby crying. Of course, having a baby in the house didn't help the situation. The ex-missus would be half awake and stumbling to the baby's room only to find the baby sound asleep. She quickly came to loath the colorful birds. I, on the other hand; being male ... grin ... managed to tune them out after the first few nights. Slept straight through the racket. On occasion when I did her them make noise, I wondered and awed at how they sound just like a human baby! After several weeks the wife told me I had to do something about those infernal birds. (Remember, she wanted the things ... but suddenly it was my problem to solve). So I went out and bought one of those compressed air cans with a horn on top of it. You've no doubt seen and heard them at sporting events. When the birds started up their racket, I gave them a blast to scare a loose tooth out of a ten-year-old! Things became quiet the rest of the night. The very next night, they started in again. Another blast of the air horn solved the problem. It was the last we saw or heard of the birds. I think they decided to move to a more friendlier neighborhood across the highway. We never saw them again. So did the ex-wife learn a lession from this? Well, a week later as I recall -- she went out and bought a Tom Turkey. It was just killing her to let such a perfectly good fowl pen go to no use.
  3. Tom Bair


    I was kinda hoping Bill Gates would discover me instead. Hire me to walk his dogs. I ... er.... need the exercise....
  4. Tom Bair


    My apologies for that. I wish not to appear to be spamming my own interests, so am careful to omit certain facts.
  5. Tom Bair


    Being an Administrator of another professional forum, I deal with this on a daily basis. As you gain more members, you become under greater pressure to become a convenient one-stop forum to better assist your growing membership. For a few years now, I have audited our membership database and removed those who have not logged on for 6 months. We remain at 33 thousand active members. Yet 85% are lurkers, never posting -- just browsing. So guess who the majority is that you must make happy? Focus. That's what I have learned over the years. Are we maintaining our focus? If not, what do we need to do to regain our focus? The Pit is a big place, no question about it. I once wrote about PC Pitstop several years ago, and was impressed with what it had to offer. The offerings are still here, only it is harder for new members to be aware of them due to site clutter. However, most referrals come via a direct link straight to the required forum, so folks only have to deal with the occasional lost tourist Finally, I will also toss in my full support for 'General Discussions' forum. Every site needs a place where their members can go and just chat. We are social animals, we like to get to know one another. Relaxing and shooting the breeze with the group allows us to become more familiar and friendly with each other, something we could not do in the 'real world' since we indeed (in many cases) are a world apart from one another.
  6. Tom Bair


    What do you think is the #1 MAIN FOCUS of PC Pitstop? Now as you look around the site, ask yourself; has the site strayed from it's MAIN FOCUS?
  7. Well, I feel better knowing that it was a GOOD TOOL clear back in May!
  8. It drives me nuts when I attempt to delete a file or folder only to be told by Windows that some other app or user has locked it or is using it. I solved the problem by using Unlocker, a free utility from http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker. I like it when I find little utilities to quickly solve small problems, and love it when I discover they are freeware! Tom
  9. Nice tip ... a great way to fully view your desktop wallpaper. Or hide your icons from wandering eyes, if needed. It's so simple - it'll fool the non-power users.
  10. Hummm ... judging from the quality of this forum, I'd rather suspect that there had to be a better reason for not allowing you to "help people with HJT logs" other than just an 'Admins ego'.
  11. Is this it? http://ninemsn.video.msn.com/v/en-au/req.a...mediaid%3D25301 It requires MS IE and I refuse to load it just to watch a video... those Aussies gotta get with the times and start catering to Firefox.
  12. When I die, I plan on not telling any of you about it!
  13. Please note that the venom from the stinger of a stingray DID NOT kill Steve Irwin as many people are telling each other. The stingray's stinger entered Irwin's chest and pierced his heart, causing cardiac arrest. I'm curious what the heck he did to invoke the stringray to strike at him. No doubt some dumb stunt for the camera... I'll miss that guy. Used to enjoy watching him do rather dumb stunts with dangerous animals. Tom
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